Winter 2023 Release


Our Winter 2023 product release is scheduled to roll out progressively to Lever accounts beginning in mid February 2023. Below you will find the recording of our Winter 2023 Release webinar which took place on February 1 2023 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET, along with descriptions and help center articles for each feature included in the release.

Lever Your Way

Tailor how you use Lever to meet your specific business and talent acquisition needs with the following features:

Send HackerRank Tests in bulk (LeverTRM)
This enhancement to Lever’s integration with HackerRank Tests adds the ability to send test invites to multiple candidates at once from any pipeline stage, saving time and simplifying use of this integration for assessing candidates. To learn more, refer to our help article on the HackerRank Tests integration.

'Job title' and 'Reports to' user profile fields (LeverTRM)
New user profile fields support HRIS sync features to be included in future releases. Lever's API has also been updated accordingly. To learn more, refer to our help article on adding and managing users.

Add opportunities to existing candidates in bulk (LeverTRM)
A new bulk action allows users to select multiple existing opportunities and create new opportunities in just a few clicks. Additionally, we have renovated the existing 'Add Posting' bulk action to better represent what that bulk action should be used for. To learn more, refer to our bulk action help article.

Rich text email editor (LeverTRM)
Send eye catching emails that are reflective of your company’s employer brand! Email editors throughout the app will be replaced so that you can now insert images, gifs, access additional formatting options, or import your own HTML design code for a fresh email format! To learn more, refer to our help article on formatting emails in Lever.

The Rise of Data-Driven Recruiting

Empower your team to move quickly and make data-informed hiring decisions with the following features:

Pipeline dashboard enhancements (LeverTRM; Advanced Analytics add-on for 'Advanced' page)
We have added updates and improvements to the Pipeline dashboard focused on improving usability, readability, and performance. To learn more, refer to our Pipeline dashboard help article.

Requisition dashboard enhancements (LeverTRM for Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on; Advanced Analytics add-on for 'Advanced' page)
Updates to the Requisitions dashboard bring in advanced analytics capabilities that had been available in LTI in addition to new metrics previously unavailable. To learn more, refer to our Requisitions dashboard help article.

Tutorials dashboard (LeverTRM)
As a response to customer feedback around Visual Insights, we have built a tutorial dashboard powered by demo data that will guide you through the functionality of Visual Insights so that you have more confidence in using the robust analytics dashboard tool. To learn more, refer to our Tutorials dashboard help article.

Navigation interface improvements (LeverTRM)
As a response to customer feedback around Visual Insights, we have focused on the user experience design by building a cross-linking button on the Legacy Reports that will send the customer to the correlating Visual Insights dashboard. There will also be small updates to the navigation and content hierarchy for more intuitive user interaction. To learn more, refer to our Introduction to Visual Insights.

New Talent Discovery and Building a Diverse Workforce

Create a meaningful candidate experience and support efforts to build a diverse workforce with the following features:

Salary range and description posting fields
Add an optional salary range input and description fields to your job postings in the postings editor to include salary info where it may apply with local transparency laws. To learn more, refer to our job postings help article.

Lever API Update: EEO question endpoints
These enhancements allow customers and partners to use Lever’s Data API to include EEO questions in their custom job sites. API users will be able to read the EEO questions configured on a Lever account, as well as return responses to EEO questions via API when submitting a candidate application. To learn more, refer to Lever’s API documentation.

Integration and Partner Ecosystem Tools

Take advantage of Lever's growing integration ecosystem with these new integrated hiring tools:

New and updated integrations
Click the following integration titles to be directed to the help article for that integration: Appcast, Beehive, Peerlist, Pipplet, StepStone, Thelma, Atlantic Employee Screening (via Joynd), CodeAlly, Credential Check Corporation (via Joynd), EduThrill (since deprecated), Evidenced, GroveHR, RippleMatch, TazWorks by MeridianLink,, Equalture Relyance AI, Stakha, Paragon, Yardstik, Torii,, Cronofy, JDP by TazWorks, Lucca,, Sprout Jobs, ProvenBase,, Vervoe, TalentQuest

Winter 2023 Off-Cycle Features

Off-cycle features are released outside of the standard seasonal release window of the Product Release in which they are included. To learn more about season release schedules, refer to our help article how and when updates are made to the Lever platform.

Data compliance - Configure lawful basis by country (LeverTRM)
The lawful basis (candidate consent or legitimate interest) configured in country's data compliance setting now only applies to job postings based in that country. Prior to this update, the lawful basis configured in a country's data compliance settings would apply to all countries. To learn more, refer to our help article on configuring localized data compliance settings.

hcaptcha upgrade (LeverTRM)
We have upgraded our hcaptcha implementation with even stricter privacy controls. With this upgrade, applicants will be verified without having to complete an hcaptcha challenge 99.9% of the time when submitting applications. In addition to improved privacy, this upgrade also provides a more seamless applicant experience.


Reporting Warehouse Schema
Data Warehouse Sync as well as Snowflake Data Sharing schema will be updated to include an additional column in the 'postings' table to capture the 'workplace type' field. To support this update, there will also be the addition of a new enum table that contains the available values for the workplace type field. These changes provide classification for onsite, remote, and hybrid postings. You can find the most current documentation on our schema here:

Paylocity integration update
We are upgrading our Paylocity integration with improved infrastructure to enhance reliability. The improved experience will include updated end-user communication (e.g. via notes and tags) and updated error handling. To learn more, refer to our help article on the Paylocity integration.

For information on minor product updates released outside of our seasonal release windows, check out our 2023 Improvements page and 2023 Bug Fixes.

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