LeverTRM Product Overview


LeverTRM allows talent teams to source, manage, hire and rediscover candidates in a unified and relationship-focused platform. Talent leaders use the LeverTRM solution suite to scale their organization's recruitment efforts by enhancing the reach, insight, and proactivity of their teams. 

This article provides an overview of the main functionalities of the LeverTRM platform, describing how each feature set can help recruitment teams achieve their talent acquisition goals. Throughout this overview you will find links to additional articles containing more in-depth information on how to use each feature to full effect. 

Table of Contents

Sourcing & Nurturing

As the first phases of the talent management cycle, sourcing and nurturing prospective candidates are integral to achieving your hiring goals. With LeverTRM, talent teams can easily create and manage job postings in sync with available headcount and budget. As the pipeline fills with sourced candidates, recruiters can efficiently communicate with them via personalized email campaigns.

Job Postings

Postings contain all information related to a role including the job description. Postings also contain prompts for all fundamental hiring information you require from candidates as well as any unique information you would like them to provide when applying. Postings are then associated with requisitions to ensure alignment and measurability with your team's hiring goals. 

Job posting editor in Lever.

Postings can be followed by relevant stakeholders in your organization, so that everyone that needs a line of sight into the performance of a posting has one. Finally, postings can automatically tag applicants so you can report on and rediscover them later.

To learn more about job postings, refer to the following support articles:

Job Boards & Sites

LeverTRM natively integrates with LinkedIn, Indeed, and SEEK, allowing you to push postings that you create to these job boards. You can also generate unique links for postings so that they can shared on a variety of supported job boards such as GitHub and ZipRecruiter.

Live image of unique job board link being generated for posting in posting editor.

In addition, LeverTRM comes with a ready-made job site that you can use for both external and internal postings. You can also use Lever's Postings API to integrate Lever with your organization's own custom job site.

Applicants entering your candidate pipeline through job boards or your job site are tagged accordingly so you can report on the performance of these sources later on.

To learn more about job boards and sites, refer to the following support articles:


Requisitions are the counterpart to postings. They allow you to set hiring goals for your organization's departments and teams, enabling you to forecast the success of your recruitment campaigns which can then be aligned to your company's growth.

Requisition editor in Lever.

Within a requisition, you dictate the headcount and compensation band for the role(s) being hired for. Requisitions can then be linked to postings, so that applicants that are extended an offer or ultimately hired are attributed to the correct headcount. Requisitions are included among your Analytics dashboards so you can report on their yield across any timeframe.

To learn more about requisitions, refer to the following support articles:

Email Templates & Campaigns

Email templates can be used to streamline a recruiter's communication efforts. Email copy that recruiters find themselves sending regularly can be collected in each user's personal email template blank and easily inserted into emails sent through Lever. Placeholder tokens can be used to add a layer of personalization, by automatically pulling information about the candidate or the role into the templated message.

These templates can be used in tandem with LeverTRM's Nurture functionality, which allows recruiters to add a potential candidate to a multi-wave email campaign. 

Email campaign editor in Lever with fields to edit template for email campagin with multiple touch points.

Talent teams using Lever's Advanced Nurture add-on plan get the added bonus of using shared templates and sending email campaigns to up to 50 candidates at once.

To learn more about email templates and campaigns, refer to the following support articles:

Interviewing & Hiring

As your team's outreach efforts yield applicants, LeverTRM will facilitate a consistent and streamlined interview process from screening to the point of hire.

Candidate Pipeline

In LeverTRM, candidates are arranged in a unified pipeline, in order to provide talent teams with a holistic view of all candidates as well as their individual statuses. This comprehensive perspective makes it easy for recruiters to filter candidates based a variety of parameters including sources, tags and last interaction, as well as keep close tabs on candidates that are being considered for more than one job opportunity. Your team can also take action directly from the pipeline view to leave feedback for candidates or schedule them for the next stage in their recruitment journey.

Candidate pipeline in Lever.

To learn more about the candidate pipeline, refer to the following support articles:

Fast Resume Review

This functionality enables recruiters to quickly survey and action candidates in the New Applicant stage of the pipeline, allowing them to increase velocity at the top of the applicant funnel. When initiated, candidates' resumes and responses to custom applicant questions are served up in sequence. Recruiters can choose to advance, archive or skip the candidate before seamlessly progressing on to the next one. Options to draft internal notes and emails to candidates are woven throughout the workflow.

Resume open in Fast Resume Review interface.

To learn more about Fast Resume Review, refer to the following support article:

Feedback Forms

A feedback form consists of the ratings and questions that an evaluator must answer when interviewing a candidate. Feedback forms are akin to templates that can be attached to any scheduled interview.  The goal of having your team draw from a shared bank of feedback forms is to ensure that each candidate evaluation is consistent and actionable.

Feedback form editor for softs skills with competencies listed for rating.

To learn more about feedback forms, including best practices for defining interview criteria, refer to the following support articles:


LeverTRM's offer functionality allows you to streamline the process for generating offer letters by utilizing templates that draw in pieces of information to fixed and dynamic fields. Offers can then be submitted into an approval workflow in order to gain alignment with all stakeholders. Finally, offer letters can make use of one of LeverTRM's e-signature integrations (DocuSign and Adobe Sign) to finalize a candidate's transition to hired. 

Two image overlay. Rear image is offer editor in Lever. Front image is text document of offer letter.

To learn more about LeverTRM's offer functionality, refer to the following support articles:

Analyzing & Rediscovering

As candidates move through your team's pipeline over time, use LeverTRM's built-in analytics to gain insight into your talent acquisition efforts so you can iterate and optimize as your company grows. This includes rediscovering archived candidates in your pipeline that might be a good fit for new opportunities.

Visual Insights Dashboards

Visual Insights dashboards provide talent leaders with a wide array visualized metrics for all recruitment functions conducted through Lever including pipeline velocity, posting yields, source diversity and offer acceptance. Dashboards can be filtered and drilled down to reveal granular data points. Dashboards can also be bookmarked for long-term review and shared for organizational visibility.

Visual Insights dashboard in Lever.

Talent teams using Lever's Advanced Analytics offering can take things a step further with even more in-depth dashboards as well as access to raw data and documentation to connect Lever to their organization's existing reporting infrastructure.

To learn more about Visual Insights dashboards, refer to the following support article:


Tags are identification labels that get attached to candidates and postings throughout your team's LeverTRM environment. Tags are attached automatically to a candidate as they enter and move through your pipeline to denote characteristics such as their source and the jobs they are applying for. Tags can also be added manually to candidates and postings when being managed by members of your team.

Candidate pipeline overlayed with zoomed in frame of tags on one of the candidates listed.

Tag application is incredibly important when it comes to reporting accuracy and dashboard filtration. You never know how you may want to slice your recruitment data in the future, so maximize your ability to report on your candidates and postings by applying and curating sources and tags regularly. 

To learn more about sources and tags, refer to the following support articles:

Rediscovery Recommendations

LeverTRM's proprietary recommendations algorithm reviews your archived candidates and resurfaces those with the highest potential relative to your active postings. LeverTRM then allows your team to re-engage with these candidates through a Nurture email campaign, all as part of the same workflow. In competitive talent markets, reconnecting with high value candidates that you have already sourced allows your team to make the most of their recruitment efforts.

Nurture Recommendations list of archived candidates with high potential for Account Manager role.

To learn more about how to use the recommendations functionality, refer to the following support article:

Enabling Efficiency

LeverTRM embeds automation and integration throughout its human-oriented design to remove tedious tasks so talent teams can focus on connecting candidates to meaningful work.

Syncing with G Suite & Microsoft Office

Talent teams using Google Workspace or Microsoft Office can connect their contacts, email and calendars directly to Lever, enabling them to work with candidates across the products they already operate out of.

Permissions menu in account settings with checkboxes next to Contacts, Calendar and Email sync options.

To learn more about LeverTRM's Google and Microsoft syncing capabilities, refer to the following support articles:

Notifications & Inactivity Alerts

Talent teams can configure their email preferences in Lever to ensure they get notified not only of events, but also specific pipeline, posting and offer activity.

In addition, talent leaders can enable inactivity alerts to hold their team's accountable to submitting feedback and moving candidates through the pipeline. Inactivity alerts can be set for each stage in your pipeline.

Inactivity alerts configuration in Account Settings.

Candidates that exceed the maximum number of days in the corresponding stage without any action will become highlighted in the pipeline for easy prioritization.

To learn more about inactivity alerts, refer to the following article:

Google Chrome Extension 

LeverTRM's Google Chrome extension allows recruiters to easily create candidate profiles when sourcing on external sites like LinkedIn and GitHub. When viewing a prospective candidate's profile on an external site, recruiters can simply open the Chrome extension, allow Lever to autofill any necessary information based on what is available in the profile, and then click Create candidate to generate the candidate profile in Lever.

Lever Chrome extension expanded over a GitHub profile with fields for candidate information.

If the candidate already exists in Lever, the Chrome extension will reveal a condensed view of the candidate's Lever profile when opened.

To learn more about how to use the Google Chrome extension when sourcing, refer to the following support article:

Easy Book Links

Candidates can use Easy Book links to self-select an interview time based on their interviewer's availability. Recruiters and interviewers can generate their own distinct Easy Book link in their Lever account, which they can then insert into emails when reaching out to candidates. The available times shown to the candidate that receives the link will be based off their interviewer's synced calendar and any other availability parameters (e.g. buffer time, minimum scheduling notice, etc.) that the interviewer configured when generating the link in their Lever account.

Two images. Left image is Easy Book calendar editor with fields to select availability to present to link recipient. Right image is recipeient's view of interviewer's calendar availability with options to self-select.

To learn more about Easy Book links, refer to the following support articles:

Automation Workflows

Set-up logic in your LeverTRM environment to automate the tagging, archiving and emailing of candidates based on designated trigger actions such as stage changes and application submission. Automation workflows are commonly used to set-up knockout questions in the application process, to archive and notify a candidates that are not a good fit for a role based on their responses to custom application questions.

Automation Workflow editor in Lever with logic set to automatically archive candidates with less than 5 years of experience and send them a templated rejection email.

To learn more about automation work workflows, refer to the following support article:


LeverTRM integrates with a wide array of platforms to facilitate cohesion and efficiency between the tools you and your team are already operating from. To view the full list of integrations in Lever's partner ecosystem, click the link below to visit our Partner Experience Center:

Sourcing & Referrals   

LeverTRM integrates with a number of sourcing and referral platforms including LinkedIn, AngelList, Hiretual and Fetcher to ensure talent teams can fill the top of their recruitment funnel with candidates from channels they may already be using. For a full list of sourcing and referral integrations, click the link below:

HRIS & Onboarding   

LeverTRM's ability to integrate with a number of well-established human resource and onboarding systems enables talent teams to keep maintain consistency and accuracy in the post-hire candidate experience. For a full list of Lever's HRIS and onboarding integrations, click the link below:

Communication & E-Signature   

Talent teams can make use of LeverTRM's ability to integrate with communication tools like Zoom and Slack to stay in the loop with their candidates and colleagues without missing a beat. LeverTRM's DocuSign and Adobe Sign integrations make it easy for candidates to finalize offer acceptance without leaving the app.


Slack and e-signature integrations are exclusive to select LeverTRM packages and the Advanced Automation add-on.

For a full list of Lever's communication and e-signature integrations, click the link below:

Scheduling and Interviewing   

LeverTRM's built-in interview scheduling functionality can be supplemented through advanced scheduling integrations with solutions like goodtime and Hireflix. For a full list of scheduling integrations, click the link below:


LeverTRM integrates with an array of coding and non-technical assessment platforms so that candidate results can feed directly back into Lever and inform their progression through your pipeline. For a full list of assessment integrations, click the link below:


If you need technical assistance or you are ready to learn how to take your use of LeverTRM to the next level, we are here for you.

Contacting Lever Support

Lever Support staff is available for any technical help you may need. Click the Need Help? button in the lower-right corner of the screen and type your question into the chat. Our automated support system will match your inquiry with the most relevant resource in our Help Center. If you still need assistance, select the Contact Support option in the chat window to open a ticket with one of our live Support agents. Be sure to consult our Support Policy to get a sense of when you can expect a response based on your service level.

Webinars & Trainings

If want to further your education in how to get the most of the LeverTRM solution, check out our series of on-demand webinars on topics ranging from product showcases to industry best practices. To learn more on the fundamentals of using LeverTRM, sign-up for one of our regularly held live product trainings. Reach out to your Lever point of contact or our Support team to inquire about the topics and schedules for upcoming trainings.

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