Spring 2024 Release


Our Spring 2024 product release is scheduled to roll out progressively to Lever accounts in May 2024. Below you will find the recording of our Spring Release webinar which took place on April 25 2024 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET, along with descriptions and help center articles for each feature included in the release.

Lever Your Way

Postings Template Improvements (LeverTRM)

Lever’s Posting Templates have been enhanced and expanded. Better align your account and organization when you include additional components in your templates. Now available: Job description, Salary range, and Custom application questions. Posting Templates can also be used in more places and are better organized with improved search and filtering. Learn more in Creating job posting templates.

Optimized Experience

Easy Book Improvements (Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise)

Lever’s Easy Book feature receives regular updates to improve the interview scheduling process for our users and their candidates. With the buffer time enhancement, you can now select a buffer time before or after interviews. This helps avoid back-to-back sessions where there is no time to log notes or prepare for the following interview. Refer to our help article on creating and using Easy Book links

First Advantage Integration Update (First Advantage Integration)

The First Advantage integration enables customers to automate background check & screening functionality for candidates when they reach a particular stage in the Lever pipeline. This updated version includes: Notes syncing and Clearer error messages. Refer to our help article on Enabling and using the First Advantage Integration.

Intelligent Insights

Multi-location Opportunities Dashboard (Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise)

The Multi-Location Opportunities Dashboard unlocks the next level of insights for customers using the multi-location feature. With a comprehensive collection of metrics, users can drill down into the actionable intelligence they’re used to accessing in Lever. Refer to our help article on the Multi-Location Opportunities dashboard.

Data Explorer Export Templates (LeverTRM for Enterprise and/or Advanced Analytics add-on)

Fully customize your exports with these additional Data Explorer Export Templates, available in the Spring 2024 release: Forms, Feedback, Referrals, Candidate Experience, and Diversity Survey. Learn more in our help article on Data Explorer Folders.

Data Explorer: Confidential Flag (LeverTRM for Enterprise and/or Advanced Analytics add-on)

This new feature empowers users to securely access and analyze confidential information within Visual Insights Data Explorer based on their permissions.

Previously, confidential data, such as postings and opportunities, were not included in Data Explorer reports. With this latest update, users with access to Visual Insights Data Explorer and specific permissions granted for confidential postings and profiles will now have seamless access to this data within Data Explorer.

Partner Ecosystem Tools

New and Updated Integrations

Take advantage of Lever's growing integration ecosystem with these new integrated hiring tools.

Click the following integration titles to be directed to the help article for that integration:

Aquera, Blind, Boostie, CakeResume, Cobalt, Doublefin, FreeBusy, Intch, Omni HR, Orange Tree Employment Screening, Reczee, Referoo, Simpliverified LLC, SkillKeepr Inc, Socially Recruited, TeamWork Online, Universal Background Screening, Upwage, Victig, Voyse, Witty Works, Workwolf

Spring 2024 Off-Cycle Features

Our Spring 2024 off-cycle feature product release is scheduled to roll out progressively to Lever accounts in June 2024. 

Off-cycle features are released outside of the standard seasonal release window of the Product Release in which they are included. 

Easy Book Enhancements (Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise)

The Easy Book Link creation page will allow users to set the maximum number of interviews that interviewers can take per day. If the maximum slots are booked, then that interviewer will be unavailable to be booked for the rest of the day. This prevents interviewers from being overbooked and allows them to balance hiring tasks with other business critical activities, therefore removing scheduling friction and streamlining the hiring process. Learn more in our help article on creating and using Easy Book links

Compliance Search and Filter (Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise)

Users can locate candidates using compliance filters on the Candidates Dashboard and Advanced Search to request consent from candidates who are missing it, proactively reach out to candidates whose consent is expiring soon, and anonymize expired candidates to remain compliant. Learn more in our help article on searching the database for candidates

User Workspace Approvals Widget Enhancements (Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise)

The Approvals widget has been updated for a more complete and actionable view of a user’s pending approvals. These updates include requests assigned to the user now appear in the widget alongside their owned requests, and new filtering in the widget by Type (Requisition/Posting/Offer) and Ownership (created by user vs. assigned to user). Learn more in our help article on using your User Workspace

Legacy Reporting Deprecation (Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise)

In preparation for the deprecation of Lever’s Legacy Reporting later this year, we are removing the ability for users to set their default reporting experience to the Legacy version. All users will now be automatically directed to Visual Insights. Users can still access Legacy Reports by clicking the 'Take me back to legacy reporting' link (near the top of the page) until its full deprecation in September 2024. Learn more about the transition in our help article on transitioning to Visual Insights

Referrals Update (Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise)

When users add a new opportunity to an existing profile, they can select a referrals-generated opportunity from the 'Copy from opportunity' drop-down menu. If the 'Referral information' box is checked, Lever will now automatically copy over the complete referral form. Learn more in our adding new opportunities to existing candidate profiles


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