Getting started with scheduling in Lever

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Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

This article provides a brief introduction to the core workflows you will commonly need to complete as someone who schedules interviews in Lever. Refer to the help articles linked in each section for further reading on each workflow.

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Feedback forms

Feedback forms are questionnaires that interviewers fill out after completing an interview with a candidate. Before you start scheduling interviews with candidates, make sure that your feedback forms are aligned to the information you wish to capture in each type of interview. Incorporate feedback forms into interview plans to promote consistency in how you evaluate candidates.

Check out the following help articles to learn how to use feedback forms effectively:

Scheduling interviews

Maintain candidates' forward momentum in your pipeline by streamlining your process for scheduling interviews. Set up interview panels, feedback forms, and candidate correspondence as part of the same scheduling workflow. Incorporate interview plans into your postings to further reduce the amount of time it takes to schedule interviews with the right interviewers and provisions.

Check out the following help article to learn how to optimize your interview scheduling process:

Easy Book links

Easy Book links allow candidates to book time 1:1 directly with their interviewer based on the latter's availability. Easy Book links are a great way to reduce tedious back-and-forth that can occur when trying to lock in an interview time with a candidate, by allowing candidates to self-schedule at their convenience. Easy Book links can be embedded directly into personal email templates, to make correspondence more efficient.

Check out the following help articles to learn how to set up Easy Book links and incorporate them into email templates:

Interview tasks

As candidates enter and move through the Interview section your pipeline, you will want to be sure that you know how to appropriately prioritize the next step in their journey. Lever allows you to know at glance the next required action to take a with a candidate. For candidates with upcoming interviews, you can also easily check interviewer RSVPs, so you can quickly tell if any interviewers have declined or have yet to respond to an invitation.

Check out the following help articles to learn how to manage interview tasks:

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