Winter 2020 Release


New and highly-anticipated features

Confidential postings: Hiring for sensitive roles can be tricky. Confidential Postings supports the ability for your team to handle hiring for sensitive roles, such as executives and planned backfills of existing employees. Robust and precise access controls ensure that visibility into these postings, as well as any candidates tied to them, can be restricted to a small subset of involved stakeholders. Please note: If your organization is currently using Requisitions in Lever, this functionality will be available to you in the very near future in Lever’s Spring 2020 Release. Learn more in our help center article on understanding the difference between standard postings and confidential postings.

Auto-screening: Screening inbound applications is a time-consuming task for companies of many sizes. Auto-screening enables recruiters to screen a higher volume of inbound applicants more efficiently, reducing the amount of time it takes to review, organize, and action new applications.

Export permissions: This release provides you with the flexibility to grant export permissions to users of all access levels. Now the right people in your organization can have access to the subset of data they need, regardless of their access role. Permissions to export can be configured on a per-user and per-report basis. Learn more in our help article on granting users data export access.

Easy book enhancements: This release includes impactful upgrades to help reduce the amount of time that recruiters and coordinators spend scheduling, creating a more efficient flow for booking single-event interviews. We added the ability to configure new types of interviews, as well as editable event names and descriptions. Easy Book interviews can now be phone calls, in-person interviews, or virtual. The relevant information is displayed to the candidate during the booking flow, and the calendar events will now present crystal-clear expectations to the candidate. Learn more in our help article on creating Easy Book links.

Zoom 2.0: This release expands Lever’s Zoom integration to Lever’s Easy Book tool. Now, you can set an Easy Book Interview type as Zoom. Once a candidate selects a time, Lever does the rest and a Zoom meeting will generate in the calendar event for the interviewer and candidate.

New API endpoints: New and enhanced API endpoints are available with this release. Learn more in our API updates.

New and enhanced native integrations: New native integrations with bob and Prelude are now available within the Lever application. Additionally, there is now a deepened integration with Sapling enabling additional permissions. 

Winter 2019 Improvement Updates 

Zoom Enhancements: Since our initial Zoom release in the fall, we've received a lot of great feedback from our customers to enhance the current integration. We listened to your input and are releasing a couple of new enhancements as a result! New enhancements to the Zoom integration unblock issues with authentication and provide more flexibility around interview hosting. A user’s access role no longer prevents them from being assigned to authenticate the Zoom integration. Customers can choose their preferred Zoom host setup, and more easily allow for one Zoom link for the entire interview panel. Learn more in on our help article on enabling and using the Zoom integration.

Candidate profile load time optimization: We’re committed to helping you work more efficiently. In this release, we’ve further optimized loading of the candidate profile, candidate list, and reporting to help you work faster.

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