Fall 2023 Release


Our Fall 2023 product release is scheduled to roll out progressively to Lever accounts in November 2023. Below you will find the recording of our Fall Release webinar which took place on October 19 2023 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET, along with descriptions and help center articles for each feature included in the release.

Lever Your Way

Consent Reconfiguration (LeverTRM)

Enable the ability to require consent for candidates while maintaining the flexibility to customize your compliance configurations. Learn more in our help article on configuring data compliance settings.

Multi-Location Posting (LeverTRM)

Simplify your team’s hiring process and extend your hiring reach with Multi-Location Postings. Add up to (14) secondary locations to your job posting, including different countries, and enable candidates can specify the location in which they’re interested. Multi-Location Posting is supported on all major job boards. Learn more in our help article on creating and managing multi-location job postings.

Talent Discovery

Advanced Search and Filtering (LeverTRM)

Easily locate or rediscover the best candidates with our enhanced search experience with new filter options including: Years of Experience, Company, Title, and Education. The improved Advanced Search features better match highlighting, new “Results from profile” section, and a “Select all candidates” checkbox for quicker bulk actions. To learn more, refer to our help article on advanced search and rediscovery.  

Optimized Experience

User Experience Enhancements (LeverTRM)

Discover a refresh to Lever’s look and feel focused on improving clarity, consistency, accessibility, and the overall user experience across the application.
Examples of updates you’ll see include button design with more direct messaging, higher contrast font colors, cleaner form fields, new icons, and so much more!

Referrals Improvements (LeverTRM)

Customize employees' experience in Referrals to align with your company’s hiring goals. Select which jobs accept referrals and block duplicate referrals on the same position. Automate and customize referral notifications and view related social sources directly in the opportunity. Learn more in our help article on submitting referrals.

Direct links in Schedule and Send Emails (LeverTRM)

Provide easier access to dashboards when scheduling and sending to colleagues in Visual Insights. Notification emails now include direct links to load the shared dashboard. Learn more in our help article on sharing dashboards.

Intelligent Insights

Sources Dashboard (LeverTRM)

Invest in sources that are bringing your team quality candidates by using insights from our renovated Sources Dashboard. Updated KPIs show the number of opportunities created, as well as those converted to hired and interview stages. Additional views display trends over time and a summary table of granular-level data. Learn more in our Sources dashboard help article.

Feedback Dashboard (LeverTRM)

Track your recruitment team’s Feedback activity using this simple dashboard. Identify opportunities for process optimization based on trends in feedback volume, score, and time to complete. Learn more in our Feedback dashboard help article.

Interviews Dashboard Renovation (LeverTRM)

Track your recruitment team’s Interviews activity using this simple dashboard. Identify opportunities for process optimization based on trends in interview volume, score, origin, and time to schedule. learn more in our Interviews dashboard help article.

Interviews DE Dataset (LeverTRM)

Build custom reports and dashboards incorporating dozens of new fields from your Interview data, including a focus on the following areas: feedback forms, feedback scores, interview events, interview scheduling, interview panels, interview stage conversion, and hires. Learn more in our help article on fields in the Interviews dataset.

Partner Ecosystem Tools

BambooHR Integration

Lever’s integration with BambooHR just became even better. Updates include a new Candidate Stage Change export trigger and a table failures that occur when the employee is created successfully. Opportunity notes now include additional details including a result of resume/offer file upload attempts. Learn more in our BambooHR article.

HackerRank Bulk Send Improvement

Immediately identify skipped users when bulk-sending a HackerRank test and take follow-up action on them. Learn more in our article on enabling and using the HackerRank Tests integration.

Namely Migration

Lever’s integration with Namely just became even better with a new address data point for syncing, new Candidate State Change trigger, and a 'Retry' tag to reattempt a failed new hire transfer. Learn more in our Namely help article.

New and Updated Integrations

Take advantage of Lever's growing integration ecosystem with these new integrated hiring tools.

Click the following integration titles to be directed to the help article for that integration:

BarRaiser Interview Intelligence, BioTechPharmJobs, Built In Easy Apply, CircularClusterCrew CRMCriteria CorpDreamTeam HR, EasySource, EmployeeReferrals.com, Europe Language Jobs, Global HR ResearchHireHunchHulkHireinhireJob RingJosys Inc.JustifactsLymia, Mangtas, MobileWirelessJobs, NJJobMarket, OuthirePleggiReevolt Hire Power, Relay, Sequoia People Platform, skillXchange, Social3, StackOne, Stitch, TofuTribe, Unified.to, Veritable ScreeningWe Create Problems.


JobTarget - Marketplace Login

JobTarget is a job aggregator and marketplace that facilitates posting jobs to and advertising jobs on more than 25,000 job boards globally. With this enhancement, Lever will add a ‘Sign in to JobTarget’ option to the JobTarget integration settings in Lever, to facilitate logging into JobTarget to manage job advertising. Learn more in our help article on enabling and using the JobTarget integration.

DataWarehouse Improvements

DataWarehouse has UI/UX updates and an improved infrastructure that cuts down refresh times by 50%. See a history of DWS refreshes, how long they took, and whether or not they succeeded. Configure email notifications so that selected users may receive updates on sync start, sync success, and/or sync failure. Learn more in our help article on Data Warehouse Sync.

Additional Reporting Fields

New reporting fields for Snowflake Data Sharing and Data Warehouse Sync that were planned for this release will instead be released in early 2024 as part of the Winter Release as we do more work to ensure data integrity. With the Winter release, you’ll be able to take advantage of new reporting fields for anonymization, requisition event dates, requisition approval fields, and snoozed candidates. As always, you can find the most current information in our data schema documentation.

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