How do I enable and use the BarRaiser integration?

Available for User roles All users. Can only be configured by Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

The BarRaiser integration will allow talent acquisition professionals who use Lever to seamlessly interview on the BarRaiser platform. Links to the candidate responses will automatically be added to their Lever candidate profile.

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Setup the integration:


Access role must be Super Admin in Lever to set up the integration. 

1. In the BarRaiser’s partner portal navigate to the Integrations page, locate the Lever card. Click Integrate Lever. 


2. A modal will appear requesting access permissions required for the integration.


3. Grant all the required permissions and click Accept.

4. After accepting permissions, the screen will show the following 2 buttons:

  • Generate Webhook Key
  • Configure Jobs


5. Click Generate Webhook Key button for the integration to proceed.



6. Copy the webhook from the pop-up and click on the Lever webhook page link outside of the dialog box. You’ll be redirected to the Lever’s webhooks page.


7. Paste the webhook url to the “CANDIDATE STAGE CHANGE” field in Lever and enable the CANDIDATE STAGE CHANGE webhook if it is not already turned on.

Once the webhook is pasted the BarRaiser - Lever integration is complete.  


How to configure the integration:

Managing and syncing Lever Postings with BarRaiser Job Roles

Once the Lever/BarRaiser integration is enabled, you will then be able to connect Lever Job Postings to BarRaiser job roles. To configure this connection, complete the following: 

1. Click the Configure Jobs button on BarRaiser. 


2. On the pop-up, select a Lever posting from the Postings dropdown and then select the corresponding BarRaiser Job role from the second drop-down. For example, the Android developer posting at Lever will be connected with the SDE1 role on BarRaiser as shown below. 


3. Click Add to complete the mapping. 


4. Complete additional mappings between the Lever Job postings and BarRaiser Job roles and click Save. 



How to use the integration:

Inviting Lever candidates to BarRaiser video interviews

The final step is to invite a Lever candidate to a BarRaiser interview. To invite candidates to BarRaiser interviews:

1. Select a candidate tied to a Lever posting that has already been configured on BarRaiser. 

2. Change their status to the configured trigger stage. In the image below, "BarRaiser" is the configured trigger stage.




Candidate’s On-Going Evaluation Status

As soon as the candidate is moved into the BarRaiser stage, a tag and profile note will be added to signify that they've been invited to the BarRaiser interview. The tag will show “BarRaiser Evaluation Started”.



Candidate’s Post-Evaluation Completion Status

Once the interviews are completed for any candidate, a link to their BarRaiser Global Score report would be posted on their profile.

If a completion stage was configured, then the candidate profile will be moved into the designated stage upon completion. Additionally, the tag would be updated to  "BarRaiser Evaluation Completed".

The link to the BGS can be found in the comment section of Candidate Details.



How to disable the integration:

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever.

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the BarRaiser app.

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration.

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