Fall 2021 Release


New and highly-anticipated features

Cookie Acceptance Banner
New cookie banner settings that allow you to choose which type of cookie banner and logic to apply to your Lever-hosted job site. Learn more in our help article on enabling and configuring the job site cookie banner.

Offer Revisions
Lever’s offers will now support the editing of certain offer details after it has already been approved and sent. This helps to streamline your offer process, even when offer details change, by allowing you to make quick changes to offers while maintaining a record of previous offer versions. Learn more in our help article on revising offers.

Visual Insights: Schedule
Define a cadence to send a particular filtered report from Visual Insights to a set of Lever users. The user who creates the scheduled reports will be able to view, edit, and delete the reports. Learn more in our help article on sharing dashboards in Visual Insights.

DWS In-app Controls
A place in the settings portion of the DWS app that allows users to view and roll out their DWS credentials as well as an update when their refresh takes place. Learn more in our help article on Data Warehouse Sync.

DEI Reports
We’re bringing DEI reports to Visual Insights! You’ll have access to measure progress towards your DEI goals with the ability to report on Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) data. Learn more in our help article on the Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) dashboard in Visual Insights.

New and updated integrations

Click the following integration titles to be directed to the help article for that integration: AmazingHiring, Arbeitnow, Chatkick, Dream Gig, Elpha, Filtered, Fortay, Future Skill, Guided Compass, HiPeople, Jobbio, KodiakHR, MeVitae, ModernLoop, Pearl, Prentus, Purpose Jobs, Refapp, SquarePeg, Sterling Direct, Wedge, Woven, Welcome to the Jungle, and XOR.


Review the following articles to see a list of our Improvements 2021 and Bug Fixes 2021.

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