Spring 2021 Release


New and highly-anticipated features

Visual Insights Preview Bookmarks: Within Lever’s powerful new in-app reporting, you’ll be able to save and store dashboard filter configurations that are important to you and your organization with bookmarks. Learn more in our help article on Visual Insights bookmarks.

Visual Insights Preview Exports: Download even more exports from Visual Insights as CSV files. The Super Admin on the account will now be able to download non-anonymized EEO exports. Learn more in our help article on Visual Insights exports. New reports include:

  • Feedback forms
  • Feedback forms responses
  • Forms
  • Forms responses
  • Interview calibration
  • Interview calibration responses
  • Referrals (social, employee, manual)
  • Candidate Experience Survey
  • Diversity Survey
  • Diversity Survey progress
  • Diversity Survey questions
  • Self-serve EEO (only available to Super Admins)

Fast Resume Review Enhancements: We’ve updated the feature to pull in more candidate information, provide better visibility to your team, as well scale communications with screened applicants. Learn more in our help article on screening applicants using Fast Resume Review. Updates include:

  • Custom application questions: Pull the answers to your custom application questions directly into your Fast Resume Review screen and avoid the need to switch between windows when reviewing a candidate.

  • Pipeline stage selection: After reviewing a candidate, choose which pipeline stage to advance them to.

  • LinkedIn Applications: When an applicant applies via LinkedIn, the candidate’s resume will be defaulted to their non-LinkedIn resume, when available

  • Review dispositioned applicants: Once a Fast Resume Review session has ended, access a top-down view of dispositioned applicants by type (archived, advanced, skipped).

  • Scale communications: Send bulk emails to screened applicants after a Fast Resume Review session.

  • Session timeout after inactivity: Each session will time-out after inactivity in order to protect any sensitive information and prevent abnormally long Fast Resume Review sessions. Please note that this change is internal to Lever, customers will not see this in the User Interface (UI).

  • Disable the Advance / Archive button when the candidate cannot be acted upon: In scenarios where a candidate cannot be acted on (pending offer is out), the advance and archive button will be disabled to prevent error.

Dynamic Requisition Approver: Within requisition approvals, you’ll now have the ability to define user picklist fields. These user picklist fields are filled out when creating a requisition. Learn more in our help article on building requisition approval workflows.

New and enhanced integrations

Click the following integration titles to be directed to the help article for that integration: Alva Labs, Bryq, CodeSubmit, Codility, Otta, Searchlight, and Starred (now deprecated).


Offer forms: When filling out an offer form, users can now begin typing to search for a specific entry in a long list of dropdown options. 

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