Bug Fixes 2021


This article provides a timeline and descriptions of bug fixes released in 2021. Scroll within the table to view the full list of resolved bugs. Use a keyword search (⌘ + F  on a Mac or Ctrl + F on a Windows computer) to locate a specific bug fix in the list.

Date Fix Description
January 5 Bulk Nurture: Some users may have run into errors when trying to bulk nurture confidential posting candidates. The issue has been identified and resolved.
January 7 Accounts with multi-domains were seeing disabled settings unrelated to the logged-in email suite account. There was a fix to make sure the email suite level settings were honored.
January 25 Canceling interviews: Previously, when a candidate was archived and the option to cancel upcoming interviews was selected, calendar events were not being deleted from the actual external calendar. This issue has been resolved, and cancellation of upcoming interviews through the profile archive flow should remove them from the actual external calendar, in addition to Lever.
February 1 Failure to parse a resume will no longer result in receiving an error and the creation of an opportunity failing.
February 9 Text inputs: When highlighting text and replacing it, some users experienced an issue where their cursor would jump to the end of the input. This impacted feedback forms, as well as other inputs like search, but has now been resolved.
February 11 Diversity Survey: For accounts with a "candidate self-selection" diversity survey and "survey non-applicants" enabled, applicants would also receive a survey link when the candidate passed the specified trigger stage. This issue has been resolved. Note that the issue did not result in duplicate responses as we only allow one survey response.
March 10 Job Posting Filters: The Dept/Team and Location filters on the job posting home page allow users to scroll through all possible options, regardless of screen size.
March 11 Zoom conferencing: This fix allows for candidate event information to be updated when re-scheduling interviews. For panels that include Zoom conferencing, the updated invitation will contain any updated event information to ensure the candidate and interviewer have the updated Zoom meeting links.
March 25 Dropdown search: Some users experienced an intermittent cursor-jumping issue when using the search input of certain drop-downs, like the ones for requisitions, postings, and users, and has since been resolved.
April 19 Candidates List Action Buttons: All candidates' list action buttons will update and reflect the proper recommended action instead of defaulting to the "Schedule" button.
April 29 For customers using dynamic offers, clicking into and out of a currency field without making edits will no longer record a value of "0." The dynamic section will only be added if an actual value is entered. In addition, currency fields on an offer will now default to having no value, rather than "0" as the default.
April 30

Fast Resume Review: among the new improvements rolling out, the advance button picker defaults to the next stage in the pipeline

Offer Approvals: When files and resumes are checked for approval request emails, they are correctly rendered in the offer approval email.

May 1 Resolved an issue where updating email addresses left the old email address on a Lever user's linked profile.
May 3 Offer Approval Profile Story: Fixed an issue where offer approvers who approved via email were not showing on the "Offer approved" story on the candidate profile. 
May 5 Resolved an issue where Limited Team Members on an approval chain would cause Offer Forms to Freeze. Customers will no longer experience an issue accessing offers due to this issue.
May 6 Resolved an intermittent issue where a required approval step could be skipped over while creating an offer. 
May 10 Resolved an issue with our document converter task, which was temporarily prevented offers from being previewed or sending.
May 11

Approval Chains: It is no longer possible to inadvertently add invalid users to offer, posting, or requisition approval chains.

Resolved an issue where attachments on emails to candidates in offer stages were missing postingIds, so users with Sensitive Information Privileges were unable to view them.

Slack Interview and Feedback Reminders: This bug fix will allow for your interview and feedback reminders to surface via the Lever app connected to your Slack workspace. No settings alteration or integration re-authorization is needed.

May 13 Lever's internal google API communication for calendar/room availability did not account for buildings/rooms that had "/" in the name (ex. "7/11 building") -- We updated the way we retrieve that information by taking into account special characters in possible names/ids.
May 14 Scheduler Feedback Form Dropdown: Feedback form options with long titles will now show the complete text when users hover over the option.
May 18 Resolved an issue where emails using the delayed send option were sending after the selected time.
May 19

Resolved issue where customers were receiving an error when attempting to export in Visual Insights.  Customers are now able to generate and download these reports.

Changed some background processes related to Tableau that allowed Lever Talent Intelligence extracts to complete faster.

May 26 Offers: If the requisition on the offer is edited after the approval process has begun, the candidate will be correctly hired against this updated requisition, rather than the original one.
May 28 We upgraded our reporting database to Snowflake which addressed some PostgreSQL 9.5+ database errors that appeared intermittently on Visual Insights tiles.
June 3

Offers: Fixed an issue where users were prompted to update the offer fields after the offer was already in or past the approval step.

Archive Reason Drop-downs: Deactivated archive reasons will no longer be displayed in the archive reason drop-downs when pivoting opportunities.

June 4 Apply with LinkedIn Integration: Resolves an issue that prevented some customers from setting up the integration.
June 7 Addressed an issue where automation workflows that send an email when an opportunity is hired weren't working for companies without requisitions enabled.
June 8

Addressed discrepancy on Visual Insights Postings dashboard by refreshing the relevant reporting data.

"send_confirmation_email=true" Parameter on Apply to a posting API endpoint is fixed and triggering Confirmation Emails.

Microsoft Office 365 shared calendars do handle rescheduling, however, there may be a delay in deleting the previously scheduled meeting when rescheduling.

Resolved an issue where the "Your full name" placeholder was not working as expected consistently when sending out an email.

June 9 Resolved an issue where users were able to create requisitions with approval chains of defined users and skip the approval process. These requisitions will now require the approval process.
June 14

Resolved an issue for bulk stage change tasks stuck for EU customers. The tasks now complete and changes the stage of the candidates.

Resolved an issue not being able to complete the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration. Customers can now complete the setup.

Resolved an issue with Closed job postings showing as Opened in Visual Insights. Visual Insights Job Postings are now showing correctly.

Resolved an issue for resumes not being parsed for customers using Data API to create their customer career site. Resumes are parsing.

June 16

Resolved an issue with some Admin users not being able to access the Reports tabs even though they should have access.

Resolved an issue with an image on the offer letter template preventing the whole page from rendering.

Resolved an issue with Team Members with partial SIP Job Postings dashboards showing 0 candidates associated. The appropriate number of candidates is now showing up.

June 17

Resolved an issue with tags disappearing from the candidate list view when archived. Tags on candidates will remain after being archived.

Resolved an issue with tags disappearing from the candidate list of they have a job posting associated. Tags on candidates with job postings associated will appear.

June 21 Resolved an issue with posting tags showing on the candidate list. Candidates on the list will now appear as normal, without the posting tags.
June 22 Resolved an issue showing the ability to create a tag locally in the Sources and Tags page. Tags will not be created
June 23

Resolved an issue with Visual Insights EEO exports duplicating some entries. Customers will no longer see duplicate entries in the export.

Resolved an issue showing a "Generating File" message when generating exports in Visual Insights, where the export does not run. Roles with export access will now be able to export files successfully, without receiving a Generating File message.

June 24 Resolved an issue when filtering with "Scheduler" in the Candidate Stats report in Visual Insights. Customers will now see the correct amount of opportunities at the bottom.
June 30

Resolved an issue with Visual Insights EEO exports not showing any data when downloaded. Downloaded EEO exports will now show data.

Resolved an issue with the HackerRank integration "Send test" banner no longer appearing. The banner now appears.

July 1

Resolved an issue showing the "Allow user to access data exports" toggle to users for which granting this permission for others is not possible. The UI now only makes this access toggle available to Super Admins.

Resolved an issue sending offer packets due to case-sensitive email addresses. Offers are now sending.

July 2 Fixed bug with Nurture campaigns sometimes starting on the wrong opportunity of the selected candidate when starting from the candidates' list. 
July 7

Resolved an issue with LinkedIn RSC configuration failing at Step 6 (Importing InMail Contacts). The LinkedIn RSC configuration has been updated and users will be able to complete the setup. 

Resolved an issue with HackerRank 'Sent Test' option only sending from the candidate profile. Users are now able to send HackerRank tests outside of the candidate profile.

Resolved an issue where LinkedIn profiles were not displaying in Lever as part of the Recruiter System Connect integration.

Resolved an issue with job postings missing from "Opportunities in this report" in Reporting.

July 8

Resolved an issue in Visual Insights showing closed postings as published on the Postings dashboard.

Resolved an issue in Visual Insights showing null on the longest job posting.

July 14 Resolved an issue in Reports Feedback export failing. A user is now able to download the feedback export.
July 15

Resolved an issue not being able to delete opportunities from search results. A user can now delete opportunities from the search results.

Resolved an issue causing a bumpy animation experience when opening settings for an Easy Book link.

Resolved an issue that prevented O365 users from receiving the correct error message when trying to send emails via Microsoft that are greater than 3MB in size (including attachments). Users will now see the appropriate error message.

July 16 Resolved an issue where offer template formatting caused a signature field to not get recognized in DocuSign.
July 19 Resolved an issue with inconsistent Sensitive Information Privileges reflecting in the Limited Team Member settings UI. LTM access roles are now reflecting accurately.
July 20

Resolved an issue for New Users on O365 getting a 500 error the first time the login. New users will no longer see an error on their first login.

Resolved an issue with interviews scheduled by users with unknown timezones that were interrupting the generation of interview exports. We have fixed the issue by using the UTC for those interviews.

July 22 Added Moncton (GTM -03:00) as a selectable timezone for scheduling.
August 4 Resolved an issue where interview panels created via Data API had the same ID. Interviews will no longer have the same ID.
August 6 Resolved an issue preventing requisition codes from populating when all postings were pulled as a batch via the Postings API.
August 25 Resolved an issue which allowed for resume-import logic to query for profiles with "contactId: null." The logic has been updated to ensure that profileId and contactID are available before issuing a query for related profiles.
August 26 Resolved an issue causing automations to fail to trigger if location was specified as part of the automation workflow. 
September 2

Resolved an issue where adding a Zoom link to a scheduling draft while another candidate's profile is open was adding that candidate's name to the Zoom meeting being drafted.

An issue occurred where jobs were posting to incorrect employer accounts on LinkedIn. This has been resolved through coordination with LinkedIn and will factor into future enhancements for preventing this from recurring.

September 8 Resolved an issue where LinkedIn integrations (Recruiter System Connect and Apply with LinkedIn) were failing to initialize the required middleware applications.
September 9 An issue arose where the Requisition export from Legacy reporting would fail to complete. Reporting infrastructure has now been improved to make Legacy exports more robust.
September 10 We received a report of delayed emails scheduled to be sent to candidates as part of an automation were not sending. While we were unable to reproduce these results, logic has been added to the automation to allow for further investigation if this continues to be an issue.
September 14 Resolved an issue where adding a DocuSign link to a email draft as multiple documents via Insert > DocuSign link caused the resulting links to not merge as they were supposed to.
September 15 Updated columns and filter on Looker client to resolve issue causing no data to appear on the Offer export from Visual Insights.
September 17 Deleted offers on an opportunity were preventing some users from being able to access the associated candidate profile. A fix was implemented to ensure that deleted objects do not impact the verification of access to an opportunity for users.
September 24

A fix was released which allows users to re-enable expired or failed DocuSign integrations on their own, a process that previously required assistance from Lever Support.

A fix was released to ensure that candidates marked as 'Hired' only get marked as such once, preventing conflicts in the system's hiring process.

October 13

Operational enhancements were made to the backend service and infrastructure to enable faster syncing of sent and received emails.

A data migration has resolved an issue causing the opportunities endpoint to have trouble reaching deleted opportunities via the Data API.

November 5 Investigated an issue where candidates report being directed to the incorrect Zoom meeting room via the link in their calendar invitation. This issue appears to have been temporary and investigation was inconclusive as to whether the this issue was with Zoom or Lever.
November 9 Investigated an issue in which a user was prompted to input a passcode to join a Zoom meeting room even though the passcode was embedded in the invitation link. Investigation shows that this issue appears to have been temporary and was isolated to one user.
November 12 Resolved an issue causing discrepancies between the Zoom meeting link shown in the location field of an event and the Zoom meeting link shown in the event description.
November 23 Investigated an issue in which sending many HackerRank test invites out to candidates in rapid succession resulted in errors. This issue has not recurred since early 2020 and is considered to have been resolved by Lever system performance improvements.
December 22 Investigated formatting issues with hyperlinks in the description text of postings published via the LinkedIn and Glassdoor XML feeds. Glassdoor has since shut down their job feed service, and Lever's job feeds to LinkedIn have seen no further reports of this issue. Lever plans to improve support for links in descriptions shown on LinkedIn by way of releasing an integration with LinkedIn Apply Connect in 2022.
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