Organizational investment in LeverTRM


This document contains resources you can refer to if you are making a case to invest in LeverTRM at your organization.

Customer Case Studies

LeverTRM is used by a wide array of organizations across a range of industries and sizes. To read about about the business impacts LeverTRM has made for current Lever customers, check out the case studies on our Customer Stories page.

Privacy & Data Handling

Refer to Lever's Privacy Center for documentation on platform and website privacy policies, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance. Note that Lever's System and Organization Controls 2 (i.e. SOC 2) Report can be made available to customers upon request. The Privacy Center also contains links to help articles on how a Lever environment can be configured to comply with a user's local data protection laws.

For additional information on data retention and deletion, refer to the Policies article collection in our Help Center.

Terms & Agreements

Visit Lever's Legal Center for terms and agreements documentation, including Lever's Terms of Service, Service Level Agreement, and Sandbox Terms of Use.

Product Roadmap

Lever's product roadmap can be provided by your Lever representative upon request. The roadmap is meant to provide a look ahead at features Lever has slated for release in the coming months. Note that the roadmap is shared for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. We advise against relying on the roadmap in your decision making process as the development, release, visual mocks, and timing of any products or features remains at the discretion of Lever, and could be subject to change.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

If you are in the process of evaluating recruiting softwares for your organization, download Lever's RFP template to streamline your selection process in terms of criteria and scoring. This template will help you to align your goals with cost and budget limitations so you can select the system that will best support your company's growth.

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