Summer 2019 Release


Diversity Insights: Measure your progress toward diversity goals with Diversity Insights, a new feature designed to pinpoint instances of potential bias in the areas that matter most to your company. Diversity Insights provides fully customizable surveys, granular reporting, and data-driven insights to help you build a more diverse pipeline and a more equitable recruiting process. Learn more in our help article on using diversity surveys

New Webhooks and Webhook Origin Filter: Build integrations with profile-based triggers that depend on candidate deletion or application creation with new webhooks that fire on application created or candidate deleted events in Lever. Additionally, you can now configure each webhook to fire based upon a specific candidate origin.

New Forms and Notes API Endpoints: We’ve added two more endpoints to our API to make candidate profile data even stronger with structured data from custom or standard connector integrations. Add structured data to candidate profiles for reporting purposes, or trigger email notifications from @-mentions in a note with new CREATE notes and CREATE profile forms endpoints. 

Add an image to an API key: Better surface integrations or highlight where data originated from by adding a custom image to an API key in Lever. Images added to API keys will display on the candidate profile beside the object created with that key. Learn more in our help article on uploading an image to an API key.

Default Interview Plan Enhancement: If you would no longer like to be prompted to save a new interview plan when scheduling interviews, simply select “do not show this again". Learn more in our help article on creating and using interview plans.

EEO Export Enhancement: Super Admins now have the ability to access and export your company's anonymized EEO data. This can be done in your Lever reporting section. Learn more in our help article on Visual Insights exports.

Google Hangouts: Streamline video interviewing by enabling Google Hangouts. Have a Hangout link added to interview events created via Lever. 

Highlight Candidate Sourcer: When a new candidate is added to Lever by a member of your team, the profile will display the original sourcer’s name.

Lever candidate profile with sourced by Ron Swanson outlined.

Requisition Count: The total number of requisitions of each status is now visible at a glance.

Lever job page showing requisitions tabs.

Docusign Sandbox Integration: Ability to test sending offers before going live by integrating your Lever Sandbox to a Docusign Sandbox. Please note: you must have both a Lever and Docusign Sandbox to utilize this integration. Please reach out to our Support team to enable this functionality.

Event Time Zone: To reduce confusion for teams scheduling across time zones, we’ve added the time zone that the event was scheduled in to the interview event details.

Lever interview schedule with time zone outlined.

Candidate Counts: When in the Jobs section of your Lever account, easily view the number of active and archived candidates for each job posting.

Lever candidate list with opportunities count outlined.

Tableau Server Upgrade: We will be upgrading our Tableau Server to bring compatibility with the latest version of Tableau Desktop, new visualization capabilities, improved performance, and a new homepage experience. 

Performance Enhancements: As part of our ongoing work to ensure efficiency and consistency while using Lever, we’ve made changes that will improve the load times of the candidate profile (particularly for international users) and various dropdowns in Lever. Additionally, we’ve made updates to the Jobs section of Lever to improve load times and speed.

New & Enhanced Partner Integrations

New and Enhanced Ecosystem Integrations: This Summer, we will be adding new integrations with Paylocity Onboarding, and CoderPad. Additionally, we have expanded the functionality of our integrations with GoodHire, Click Boarding, and Xref. Learn more in our help center Integrations & API articles

Upcoming New Enhancement

Introducing Opportunities: Lever is enhancing our unified candidate profile by adding an opportunity timeline view. This new capability helps with enterprise scalability and data-driven recruiting by giving your recruiters and hiring managers the ability to manage the same candidate through multiple opportunities at the same time, while still supporting a holistic view of all candidate data in a single, unified profile. It also provides more precise sourcing and process reporting. Learn more in our help article on the difference between candidate profiles and opportunities.

Lever opportunity profile with highlight of associated opportunities.

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