Why am I seeing emails on the wrong candidate profile?

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Since Lever relies on your work account email inbox, it is possible for similar emails sent to the multiple candidates to end up in the same conversation record. This can happen because Lever relies on algorithms in order to thread emails within Lever.

Gmail and Outlook can occasionally thread together messages that have identical subject lines. Unfortunately, this can create a situation where replies to bulk-messaged emails in Lever are all synced to a single candidate profile, instead of being distributed across the corresponding recipient profiles.

To prevent this issue, make sure that emails that you send in bulk have different subjects lines for each candidate. You can do this by adding an auto-token that references a unique identifier for each recipient (typically their name) to the subject line of the email that you are sending in bulk.

In the image below, you can see that the {{Candidate first name}} auto-text token has been added to the subject line of the email editor.

The email will pull in the first name of the candidate as it appears on their candidate profile, so the email sent to each recipient of the bulk will have the subject line "Hello, [their first name]!". Since the subject line of each individual email is unique, replies are less likely to be mistakenly threaded together on a single candidate profile.

To learn about the different ways you can use auto-text tokens to personalize bulk emails, refer to our auto-text token help article.

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