Bulk importing candidates via email

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Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Before proceeding, note that Lever's bulk import feature allows you to easily generate candidate profiles and opportunities in your Lever environment based on information in a templated CSV file. This feature is the most efficient method for importing candidates that do not require a resume to be attached to their opportunity. To learn more about this method, refer to our bulk candidate import help article.

In circumstances where the bulk import feature cannot be used, Lever offers two alternative methods for bulk importing candidates:

  • Alternative Method 1: Email forwarding
  • Alternative Method 2: Assistance from Lever Support

This article will cover how to bulk import candidates via the email forwarding method. If are looking to make bulk updates to candidates that already exist in your Lever environment (e.g. adding tags to existing profiles), you will need to use the support-assisted method. For instructions on how to use this method, refer our help article on bulk importing candidates with assistance from Lever Support.

First, note that a resume is required to create a candidate profile using this method. Sending resumes to "applicant@hire.lever.co" will create candidates in the 'New Applicant' stage, and lead@hire.lever.co in the 'New Lead' stage.


Users on accounts that are hosted on Lever's EU data center will need to email resumes to applicant@hire.eu.lever.co and lead@hire.eu.lever.co. You can determine if your account is hosted on the EU data centre by referring to the URL that you use to log in to Lever (hire.eu.lever.co).

Complete the following steps to import candidates via email:

  • Compose a new email with your work email account. You must email us from the email address associated with your Lever account.
  • Attach the resume(s) of the candidate(s) you wish to add. Ensure that the resume contains both a name and an email address for the candidate. The limit is 15 resumes per email message.
  • To add profile tags, include them in the subject line or email body. Place a hashtag in front of the tag and use hyphens instead of spaces to connect words. Example: #front-end-engineer, #senior-software-engineer. To learn more, refer to our help article on creating and using tags.

Email composition window with attached resumes and tag added to subject line

  • To add additional information to the candidate profiles for all resume attachments, enter text in the email body. Please note that this information cannot be edited after you send your email. However, you can make it secret or delete it from the candidate profile in Lever.

Entry in candidate profile story containing body text from email in previous image.

  • Click Send

How will I know if my import was successful?

You will receive a confirmation email from Lever when the import is complete, letting you know if the import was successful.

Confirmation email notifying recipient of succesful candidate import.

If one or more of the attached resumes failed to import, this will also be summarized in the confirmation email.

Confirmation email notifying recipient of failure to import on candidate.

You may also see an error message that indicates that we were unable to parse a name and email address from the attached document. Please ensure that the resume contains both a name and email. For more tips on troubleshooting issues with resume uploads, refer to our help article on resume parsing.

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