Spring 2020 Release


New and highly-anticipated features

Candidate Experience Surveys:  Tracking & improving candidate experience is an important part of optimizing an interview process to improve offer acceptance rates. Candidate experience is also a critical part of employer brand, and important when sourcing or attempting to fill a pipeline. Candidate Experience Survey functionality in Lever allows your team to fully customize survey questions, and customize logic to automatically send candidate experience surveys to desired candidates. With the results, you can now identify teams, departments, or interview stages that have room to improve, and track progress over time. Learn more in our help article on using the Candidate Experience Survey.

Confidential Hiring: Hiring for sensitive roles can be tricky. Confidential Postings supports the ability for your team to handle hiring for sensitive roles, such as executives and planned backfills of existing employees. Robust and precise access controls ensure that visibility into these postings, as well as any candidates tied to them, can be restricted to a small subset of involved stakeholders. In this release, Confidential Hiring functionality is now complete, expanding to Requisitions and Lever’s Data API. Confidential postings and requisitions can now be linked together, and users can create API keys with access to confidential data. Learn more in our help articles on confidential postings, and confidential requisitions.

Automation Workflows: Automation Workflows provides a set of configurable automation “building blocks” to help your team introduce greater efficiencies into your recruiting process. This new feature will help make your team more productive by reducing repetitive work performed by recruiters in Lever. Automatically archive, tag, email, or advance candidates based on application submission and opportunity stage. Automation ultimately means more consistent recruiter behavior, fewer missed actions, and therefore more reliable data for reporting. Learn more in our help article automation workflows.

Data Warehouse Sync: Reporting is critical to any business. Lever’s Data Warehouse Sync introduces the ability to extract your Lever data to your own business intelligence tool or reporting infrastructure. With Lever data available in your database, your operations and data science teams can create highly personalized reports and blend with data from other systems of record to draw insights.

More Granular Sensitive Information Privileges: Sensitive Information Privileges (SIP) will be available to more users. With expanded roles and permissioning, customers will be able to give each of their users access to all the information they need, and nothing more. Learn more in our help article on Sensitive Information Privileges.

Post-Approval Offer Edits: Extending an offer to a candidate can be an extremely time-sensitive process. Post-approval offer edits reduces turn around time for offer revisions for the most common cases, and avoids unnecessary work for recruiters and offer approvers. Super Admins can now configure which fields can be updated prior to sending the offer to a candidate without requiring re-approval once the Offer has been approved in Lever. This enhancement provides a more agile offer process, reducing the time to complete the offer process and subsequently time to hire. Learn more in our help article on creating and managing offer forms.

Account Level OAuth: Lever is introducing OAuth services to our integration partners to make all data exchange as secure as possible. By introducing it at the account level, administrators will have the peace of mind that there are no gaps in their security protocols. Learn more in Lever's API Overview.

DocuSign OAuth: Sending offers to potential employees is one of the most crucial steps in the talent acquisition process. For those customers using Lever’s DocuSign integration to streamline the offer signatures, we’ve made that process more secure, faster, and easier in this release. Learn more in our enabling the DocuSign e-signature integration.

Manually merge contacts + bulk add postings:  In this release we've reintroduced the automatic detection of potential duplicated candidates and the ability to manually merge them. Additionally, users can now add job postings in bulk. Learn more in our help article on merging duplicate candidate profiles.


Interview Feedback page enhancements: New updates to the interviewer experience when completing candidate feedback expose important data to interviewers in a consolidated view and make completing feedback easier. 

MS Office 365 Enhancement: Improved performance and reliability when fetching O365 room/resource availability.

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