Using placeholder fields in Nurture emails

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LeverTRM for Enterprise or Advanced Nurture add-on required for bulk campaigns

A placeholder field is a manual-text token used in Nurture campaigns, typically for information that cannot be auto-populated from Lever. For information that can be auto-populated, refer to our help article on using auto-text tokens in emails. For full details on setting up Nurture campaigns, read our article on Nurture campaigns.

The placeholder is designed to be a free-form attribute, allowing you to set any information into this field.

  • In the Nurture editor, click Placeholder
  • Choose from a list of existing auto-text tokens, or click Placeholder at the bottom of the dropdown list to create a placeholder
  • In the Placeholder editor, set the name and "Fallback" which will populate if you do not manually enter text in the token field

Nurture editor with arrows pointing to name and fallback fields

Placeholder field values can take any length of characters. For example:

  • {{experience}} could be used as a placeholder to write an entire paragraph on a candidate’s impressive background
  • {{years}} could be used as a placeholder for how long a candidate was at a company
  • {{current company}} could be used to as a placeholder for a candidate’s employer 

Nurture template editor with placeholder token underlined

When starting a Nurture campaign, you will define these manual unique fields in the 'Personalize' step. 

  • Click into the touchpoint that you wish to personalize
  • The placeholders that need to be defined will be highlighted in yellow in the email body 
  • Enter personalized text in the corresponding text field on the left side of the editor

Nurture email editor with manual field outlined and placeholder token underlined

Once you have entered the personalized text, it will appear in the Nurture email. Note that if you define default text for a placeholder that you leave blank, that default text will auto-populate in place of the token. In this example, the default text is "impressive skill set."

Nurture email editor with manual field outlined and placeholder token underlined

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