Improvements 2022


The following is a list of feature improvements released in 2022 outside of Lever's major seasonal release windows. Improvements are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent improvements listed at the top.

  • With the addition of Time-to-Fill Configuration, the Data Warehouse Sync (DWS) schema requisitions table received three new columns: time_to_fill start, time_to_fill_end, and requistion_approved_at. These date fields can be used to record when hiring for a particular requisition started and ended. Requisition approval date will also be added to the schema in order to support additional time to fill calculations.
  • Added three new columns to the opportunity_forms table: interview_panel_id, interview_panel_interview_id, and account_stage_id. These additional fields will help support query optimization. By including these fields in the opportunity_forms table, it allows you to reference and count interview IDs without joining it to the opportunity_feedback_events table.
  • The deprecated parameter, include_deleted, within the List All Opportunities API endpoint became no longer be supported by Lever starting August 25, 2022. To retrieve deleted opportunities from Lever via the API, the newer List Deleted Opportunities endpoint must be used with the parameters deleted_at_start and deleted_at_end.
  • Added country as a field to our Postings API to allow even greater flexibility when customizing careers sites and organizing your job information. This country comes from the location definitions found in your company settings.
  • If an offer has been “sent outside of Lever,” it is now possible to mark it as “signed” without uploading a signed offer document.
  • GDPR setting now includes the option “Do not store a hashed value of the anonymized candidate’s email address.” This setting allows organizations to choose to skip the generation of a hashed string from a candidate’s deleted email address when the anonymize action is performed on an opportunity in Lever. This leads to a complete and permanent deletion of a candidate’s email address, including hashed data.
  • Added new request scopes for the O365 integration so that Lever users are able to attach files greater than 3MB to emails and utilize updated endpoints provided by Microsoft.
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