Using your recruiting budget efficiently


With this guide, you ca get maximum ROI on your recruiting dollars by doubling down on sources which lead to hires - and eliminating sources which waste your time.

Asking "Which sources drive the most candidates into my pipeline?" often leads to overstuffed pipelines and extra busywork. Are you wasting time sifting through lots of underqualified applicants? Are you paying money to advertise your open roles online - without any idea of whether they're delivering results? Instead, we recommend focusing on this question: "Which sources drive the best candidates into my pipeline?"

Source KPIs

The Sources dashboard in Visual Insights allows to determine which sources are yielding the largest number of candidates in the pipeline, and of those how many are actually hired. Check out our help article on the Sources dashboard for a full breakdown of the source data available to you.

As you are reviewing your source data, here are some questions to ask your self in order to help identify which sources are yielding the greatest ROI:

  • Which sources are yielding the greatest number of hires?
  • How many candidates from each source reach the offer stage?
  • Which sources have the highest ratio of hires to total candidate volume?
  • Which sources are yielding the largest number of candidates but the lowest number of hires?


Seeing a lot of candidates with a source of 'Added manually'? That's a sign that your team might be entering candidate data by hand, or manually uploading lots of resumes. Consider using Lever's Chrome extension or email forwarding to save time and generate more useful data.

Using Lever to hire efficiently

Capture specific candidate sources - automatically

Lever makes it easy to identify exactly where your candidates come from. Remember, an origin is a broad, high-level description of how a candidate entered your pipeline - were they sourced by a recruiter on your team? did they apply for a job? were they a referral from an employee or an agency? A source is a granular, specific description of where a candidate came from before entering your pipeline. Here are a few examples:

Situation Origin Source
A recruiter finds a promising profile on LinkedIn Sourced LinkedIn
An employee refer a former colleague for a role Referred [Employee name]
A candidate fills out an application at a job fair Applied HR Tech Conference


Now, how can you make sure Lever tracks your sources automatically, efficiently, and specifically? Try out some of the following methods:

Use Lever's Chrome extension to source candidates
Lever's Chrome extension automatically captures a candidate's source and origin across a wide variety of websites, including LinkedIn, and more. Install the extension and start sourcing candidates effortlessly.

Create custom URLs to track specific sources like job fairs, message boards and industry events
Sharing your open roles on Facebook? Reaching out to a niche industry group or an email list? Recruiting at a job fair or a conference? Create a unique link to capture these specific sources in Lever automatically. When someone clicks the link and submits an application, they'll automatically enter your Lever account with your specific source tag. To learn how, refer to our help article on sharing postings custom job boards.


Lever users often create custom URLs when attending events like job fairs or conferences. Consider bringing an iPad to the event, open to your custom URL, for candidates to fill out at your booth. Afterwards, it's easy to identify candidates with a "XXX Job Fair 20XX" source tag and track whether your appearance at the job fair resulted in future hires.

Use Lever's agency portal to distinguish high-value partners
Using Lever's agency portal makes it easier than ever for outside recruiting agencies to submit candidates. The agency portal will automatically tag candidates with the correct origin and source, so you can see at a glance whether your agencies are delivering high-value candidates. To learn how to get started, refer to our help article on connecting and working with agencies.

Keep an eye on the big picture

Do not forget to take a step back and look at overall trends across your recruiting efforts. In general, is it more efficient for your team to allocate your recruiting budget to driving more prospects to fill out applications - or is it time to invest more heavily in proactive sourcing? Would it be valuable to drive an internal referral campaign? Are you relying more heavily on recruiting agencies to fill your open roles compared to last year? Whether you are making large scale budget decisions or just looking to trim some expenses, Lever's in-app sourcing reporting will make sure you are always focusing on qualityinstead of quantity.

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