Fall 2019 Release


New Zoom Integration

Lever’s new Zoom integration is the first of its kind, allowing you to schedule Zoom meetings without leaving Lever! Add a Zoom meeting when you schedule an interview panel, and the Zoom meeting information will automatically be added to the interviewer’s calendar invite. Without having to switch between tools, save time and reduce the chance of errors (including if you need to reschedule). Zoom is one of the fastest growing video conference providers, and with the Lever integration, you can easily leverage video calls in your interview process. (Lever Enterprise only). Learn more in our help article on enabling and using the Zoom integration

Google event and microsoft 365 event listings with zoom links listed.

Inactivity Alerts

Are candidates falling through the cracks in your pipeline? Inactivity Alerts highlight on the Candidates page the candidates who have been stagnant, so you can prioritize who to act on. Customize the time thresholds per stage and keep your company on the same page about how candidates are moving along in the hiring process. Keep your pipeline organized and ensure candidates do not go unnoticed. Learn more in our help article on activity alerts.

Lever inactivity alerts list

New App Navigation

Quickly jump between Candidates, Jobs, Interviews and Reports with an updated tab navigation! We made this UI improvement among others to the top bar, including better formatting on narrow screens, to make Lever easy enough for anyone to use. 

Lever settings menu dropdown.

Expanded HRIS Integrations

 This Fall, we will be adding a new Enboarder integration and we have also significantly expanded our integrations with two leading HRIS providers, Namely and BambooHR. These expanded integrations represent a major improvement over the prior versions by enabling bi-directional sync of more than 20 new fields and allowing you to create custom mappings. This reduces the need for manual data entry and allows you to move seamlessly between the platforms. 

Speed Performance Improvements

As we continue to invest in the performance and scalability of Lever’s platform, this Fall, we’ve continued to make improvements to our Chrome extension, job page and candidate page load time. In an effort to ensure you continue to have a good user experience while using Lever, we’ve made significant progress to the performance of Lever and will continue to make improvements in our seasonal releases for a faster platform.

Lever Talent Intelligence Enhancement

We’re happy to introduce a modernized redesign set of default dashboards for Lever Talent Intelligence. The significant redesign allows customers to get started immediately with standard dashboards, then collaborate with our team of experts to tailor more sophisticated analysis to their needs. It provides executive-level dashboards for business leaders to identify staffing trends and increase the predictability of hiring.

Native Microsoft Office 365 Integration Enhancements

Our improvements to the native Microsoft O365 integration allow you to reschedule interviews on shared calendars from within Lever, even if you didn’t create the event. You can now rely on admin consent when granting permissions to Lever. Admin Consent gives you greater control over who at your company can log into Lever, and reduces user error as individuals do not need to sync their email and calendar on their own. Learn more in our help article on configuring the authentication method between Lever and Office 365.

                             Fall 2019 Improvement Updates 

Duplicating Requisitions

Team Members and Limited Team Members can now duplicate any existing requisition they have access to (Admins and Super Admins will continue to be able to duplicate requisitions as well). 

Offer Approval Compensation Band

We’ve improved the logic that triggers conditional approvals for offers based on compensation. If either a minimum or a maximum value is not specified, the conditional approval will still trigger if applicable. 

Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 Deprecation

Lever recently announced the deprecation support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1. We want to ensure we are aligning with industry best practices for data security and integrity.

Unavailable conference rooms when scheduling

To prevent double-booking conference rooms when scheduling, Lever will alert you when there is a conflict when scheduling a conference room. 

Updates for accounts with Opportunities

We have made improvements to emailing candidates in bulk, and added tools to support GDPR compliance. Please note: The version of Lever using Opportunities will continue to be released in the coming months. Learn more in our help article on configuring the authentication method between Lever and Office 365.

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