Improvements 2021


The following is a list of feature improvements released in 2021 outside of Lever's major seasonal release windows.

Date Improvement Description
December 15 All Visual Insights tool tips and some chart titles have been updated with enhanced details explaining the effects of filters and calculations.
December 2 Calendar latency has been improved in order to provide a quick and seamless experience when booking interview panels for potential candidates. Lever will now temporarily store some calendar data for 24 hours. Users can manually refresh this data in their Account Settings.
October 9 The Type of earnings field on Offers and Requisitions now includes options for daily, weekly, and biweekly payment intervals.
August 9 Added the ability to update Notes via Lever's API, allowing for flexibility among users that have used set up a custom UI.
May 18 Adds an array of 'linkedContactIds' to User endpoints (GET user, GET all users), to help identify all contacts associated with a User. This can be used to control User access to any Opportunities linked to a User.
May 6 API: Added the ability to list, create, update and delete webhooks subscription via the API.
March 27 API customers can now create nested Notes by creating comments for Notes
March 9 Offer form: When filling out an offer form, users can now begin typing to search for a specific entry in a long list of dropdown options.
March 4 Adds support for filtering Postings by the timestamp they were last updated. If only updated_at_start is specified, all postings updated from that timestamp (inclusive) to the present will be included. If only updated_at_end is specified, all postings updated before that timestamp (inclusive) are included. Both the updated_at_start and updated_at_end can be specified simultaneously, and results will be all postings updated within the provided timestamps (inclusive) will be returned.
February 25 Filter Users by External ID: Integrators can filter Lever Users by the External Directory ID to sync data between an HRIS instance and your Lever account without relying on that User's email address.
February 1 API: Added the ability to create, update and delete feedback via the API.
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