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At Lever, we strive to provide the ongoing support you and your team need to run an efficient and effective talent acquisition operation. As you use the LeverTRM platform you may find that you need to submit a support ticket to diagnose a potential issue, receive guidance on product usage, or receive assistance with a task you are trying to complete.

Lever Support channels

There are three channels by which you can contact Lever Support:

Live Chat
You can chat directly with a member of Lever Support directly within your Lever environment. To start a live chat, click your account avatar in the upper-right corner of the platform header and select Contact Support.

Menu extending from account avatar in Lever with arrow pointing to Contact Support option.

A chat window will appear, into which you can type a description of the issue you are experiencing. A member of the Lever Support team communicate with you via the chat to provide a solution. In some cases, a support agent may ask to continue your correspondence via email as they work toward a resolution of the issue.

Live chat window

Ticket Submission
There are two methods for submitting a support ticket:

Method 1:
Expand the widget found in the lower-right corner of our Help Center ( Start by typing your question/issue into the widget. The widget will attempt to resolve your inquiry by suggesting existing articles in our Help Center related to your question/issue. If none of the suggested articles have the information you need to answer your question or resolve your issue, you can click the Contact Support option in the widget to reveal ticket submission fields.

The widget as it appears in the Lever Help Center

Method 2:
Click the Submit a request in the header of our Help Center or navigate to From this page, you can submit tickets related to a Lever questions/issues, billing inquires, product feedback, and partner assistance (more detail on each of these ticket types in provided in the next section of this article). Unlike tickets submitted via the widget (Method 1), the ticket submission form allows you to include attachments such as screenshots.

Support ticket submission form

Customers on Lever's Premium Support tier also have the option to contact Lever Support by phone after submitting a ticket. This phone number can only be shared with specific individuals on Premium customer accounts. If you are a Premium Support customer, your Customer Success Manager can advise you on the individual(s) on your account who can contact the support phone line.

Types of support tickets

If you are submitting a ticket via the ticket submission form (see above), you can submit your request in association with one of the following categories:

Questions or problems related to Lever

Submit a ticket in this category if your inquiry pertains to the operation of the LeverTRM platform. When submitting a ticket of this type, you can further specify what your inquiry pertains to by selecting from the following options:

  • Question - product guidance, best practices, frequently asked questions
  • Task - imports, exports, pipeline or domain changes
  • Login issue
  • Blocker - a product or feature appears to be broken
  • Outage - Lever is down for your entire team

There is also an 'Other' option for inquiries that do not pertain to any of the specifications listed above.

Billing questions

Submit a ticket in this category if your inquiry pertains to billing on your account such as invoices, contracts, cancellations, and upgrades.

Product feedback

Submit a ticket in this category if you would like to make a suggestion on how to improve the LeverTRM platform, including ideas for updates to existing features or new features altogether.

Partner assistance

Submit a ticket in this category if you are a current Lever partner and would like to inquire about integration logistics (e.g. sandbox access, authentication, API). If you are a prospective partner looking to inquire about a potential partner listing with Lever, submit your request via our partnership interest page.

Best practices for submitting support tickets

Lever's Support Team will work diligently to resolve your inquiry in an efficient and comprehensive manner, no matter the ticket type or channel used to make contact. Adhering to the following best practices when submitting support tickets pertaining to questions or problems related to Lever enables our Support Team to deliver a solution as quickly as possible:

Detailed issue descriptions
A detailed description of the issue goes a long way to helping the Lever Support Team zero in on a solution. Provide the following details in your ticket (if you have them):

  • The time the issue occurred
  • Names of affected users and/or candidates
  • Any error messages you may have been presented in the lead-up to the issue
  • Troubleshooting steps you have already attempted

Including screenshots in your ticket can help the Lever Support Team visualize the issue, especially if it is an issue occurring intermittently or without any obvious pattern. Submitting a ticket via the ticket submission form (as opposed to the widget) will allow you to include attachments with your ticket.

Examples with URLs
If the issue you are experiencing pertains to a specific object or users in your Lever environment, include its URL in your ticket. URLs contain unique identifiers that the Lever Support Team can use to locate and track the affected object on the backend. For example, if you were experiencing an issue with a specific posting, open the posting, copy the URL, and paste it into the description field on your ticket.

Posting editor with arrow pointing to highlighted URL

Super Admins, Admins, and Team Members can locate URLs for specific users in their Lever environment by navigating to Settings > Users and opening the affected user's profile.

User profile with arrow pointing to highlighted URL

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