Bug Fixes 2023


This article provides a timeline and descriptions of bug fixes released in 2023. Scroll within the tables to view the full lists of resolved bugs. Use a keyword search (⌘ + F  on a Mac or Ctrl + F on a Windows computer) to locate a specific bug fix in the lists.

General bug fixes

Date Fix Description
January 3 Resolved an issue preventing the completion of the Job Posting export in Visual Insights.
January 10 Resolved an issue causing inaccurate dates to appear in the 'Offered Start Date' field in the Referrals export in Visual Insights.

Resolved an causing emails sent via Office 365 from syncing to candidates' profiles.
January 11 Resolved issue causing archived candidates to appear as not being archived on the Pipeline dashboard in Visual Insights.
January 12 Resolved issue causing the 'Offers' settings page to not appear for some users.

Resolved issue preventing users from deactivating other users due to not having access to "googleId" or "microsoftId."
January 18 Resolved issue causing archived candidates to appear on the 'All opportunities in pipeline' chart on the Current Operations - Team View page of the Recruiter Operations dashboard in Visual Insights for users on the EU data center.

Resolved an issue preventing users with Admin level access from adding new users with Interviewer level access.
January 19 Resolved an issue causing the 'in pipeline' data field in Data Explorer to display incorrect values.
January 20 The Compliance dashboard's underlying dataset was update to pull missing contact data from candidate profiles.

Resolved an issue with an internal API that prevented users from seeing their newly generated AWS access key and secret. Impacted customers are now able to generate a new AWS credentials to use with DWS.
January 24 Resolved an issue impacting email sync logic for Microsoft accounts.
January 26 Resoled an issue preventing requisitions from being saved.
February 1 Resolved an issue causing column headers in the 'Interviews' data export (via Visual Insights) to appears as ids instead of descriptions.

Resolved an issue preventing offer fields containing special characters from being used as filters in Data Explorer. Resolved an additional Data Explorer issue causing the 'Offer signed - Minute' and 'Offer signed - Millisecond' data fields work incorrectly.

Identified a limitation where bookmarks cannot be applied to Visual Insights dashboards if the number of filters applied to the dashboard causes the URL for the dashboard to exceed Looker's character limit. If a user now applies a number of filters to a dashboard such that the URL for the dashboard exceeds the character limit, the Bookmark dashboard button will become disabled and a help banner will appear notifying them of the limitation.
February 2 Corrected the calculation on the MoM % change KPI chart on the Requisitions Advanced dashboard in Visual Insights. Prior to the correction, the sort order for completed month relative to the prior month was reversed, causing the chart to show the inverse of the correct metric.
February 7 Resolved an issue causing postings containing inputs to the salary range fields that were saved and later removed to display the words "object Object" in the place of the salary range on the published posting.
February 13 Resolved an issue requiring a modification of the reporting transformer to return a consistent value for reports on revisions.

Updated the logic of the 'Top sources - hires' chart on the Sources dashboard in Visual Insights to match the description in the tooltip and reflect only hires made within the filtered date range.
February 16 Resolved an issue causing formatting applied in email templates (as it appears in Settings > Email templates or Nurture templates) to not be reflected on the version of the template that populates in the email editor when composing an email.
February 21 Resolved an issue preventing Limited Team Members from accessing candidate profiles.
February 23 Corrected the timeframe reference for the 'Active postings' chart on the Talent Leader Summary dashboard in Visual Insight. Prior to this correction, this chart was including postings that were closed. 
March 7 Resolved issue causing signed offers to be mistakenly counted in the 'Offers pending outcome' chart on the Offers dashboard in Visual Insights.
March 14 Resolved an issue causing job locations in dropdown menus to not match job locations defined in Settings > Company > Locations.
March 16 Resolved an issue causing the Interviews exports to fail due to lost reference to the data set.
March 17 Exports that have job category data - such as departments, teams, locations, commitment/work-type, and level - will now have data for categories that have since been removed from the company settings page. Instead of seeing an empty column or one of the unknown values, the job category columns will contain the same data that users can see on the requisitions or posting editors in Lever.
March 20 Updated the logic on the 'All postings' table on the Postings dashboard in Visual Insights from a sum value to a count value for archived and hired opportunities, which was causing a miscalculation for distinct values.
March 23 The archive reason for the reason 'Hired' is now configured for time in stages tiles on the Pipeline dashboard in Visual Insights.

Resolved an issue causing the Submit button on the application form to not work correctly in rare instances.
March 27 Resolved an issue preventing users from being able to assign a direct manager in the 'Reports to' field on user profiles. We have optimized our queries to create a faster manager setting process.
March 29 Limited Team Members experienced major disruptions with the email editor wherein the editor would close unexpectedly every time they tried to open one. This issue has been resolved and the experience should resume as normal.

Released a fix to ensure browser enabled spell check capabilities continue to surface in the new email editor experience.

Resolved an issue causes bulk candidate imports to get stuck.
March 30 In certain views or job filters, users were unable to scroll down and view the last candidate in the candidates list. This issue has been fixed so that users are able to view all candidates in the candidates list across different views and filters.
April 7 Resolved an issue causing the approver status on the Requisitions export to appear incorrect by updating approver logic for approvals that are still pending.

Resolved an issue causing inaccuracies in the requisitions reporting database for customers on the EU data centre.
April 10 Resolved issue causing missing data on the Nurture dashboard in Visual Insights by refreshing Nurture data sets.

Resolved an issue that allowed users to input a number in the min/max compensation field on requisitions so large that it could not be transformed into the correct data type. With this resolution, if the number in this field is ever so large that it cannot be transformed into the correct data type, the field will be populated with a null value.
April 11 Resolved an issue causing missing data on the 'All offers' table on the Offers dashboard in Visual Insights by performing a re-ingestion of the data set.

Resolved an issue causing archived candidates to be counted as active on the 'Pipeline snapshot' chart on the Pipeline dashboard in Visual Insights.

Resolved an issue preventing data on the Offers dashboard in Visual Insights from updating when a value was entered into the 'Requisition code' filter. Lost references between charts and requisition filters on the dashboard have been restored.
April 13 Resolved an issue causing Nurture emails to display a status of "Opened" immediately after sending.
April 17 Resolved an issue causing offer status to appear inaccurate on the Offers dashboard in Visual Insights.
April 18 Resolved an issue in which candidates could be listed as "Anonymized" but their non-anonymized profile could still be accessed via Visual Insights.
April 20 Resolved an issue causing discrepancies between the number of candidates appearing on the Recruiter Operations dashboard and the number of candidates in the candidate list (on the 'Candidates' page) by performing a data refresh.
April 21 Resolved a temporary data processing issue causing the duplication of archive and hire data.
April 24 Resolved an issue where, in certain views or job filters, users were unable to scroll down and view the last candidate in the candidates list.
April 25 Resolved an issue where departments and teams failed to update in reports after being updated in Settings.

When downloading data from charts in Visual Insights the stage name will now be present at the beginning of the stage name column and separated with a pipe ' | '.

Corrected an error in the tooltip on the 'Avg time to fill' KPI tile on the Requisitions dashboard in Visual Insights. The tooltip has been updated to reference that the event used for the ending date is the most recently closed date of the requisition for time to fill calculations.

Resolved an issue where users with the Admin role that have partial Sensitive Information Privileges could create secret notes even though they could not change existing notes from visible to secret. With this resolution, the toggle to make a note secret will be hidden if the user does not have the necessary Sensitive Information Privileges.
April 27 Resolved an issue causing email replies to fail to sync back to candidate profiles when emails were sent from email@hire.lever.co.
May 1 Resolved an issue preventing the creation of candidate profiles from applications forward to Lever via email.
May 3 Resolved an issue that was causing certain buttons in Lever to become un-clickable.
May 5 Resolved an issue causing the 'All requisitions' chart on the Requisitions dashboard in Visual Insights to incorrectly count the number of hired candidates. Prior to the fix, the hires metrics was counting opportunities that were hired based off of the postings that were tied to the requisition, causing an inflation in the count of hires due to multiple postings being tied to multiple requisitions. The hires metric is now tied directly to the requisitions candidates where hired against.

Resolved an issue in which the 'Race' condition in the email editor caused the email body of the confirmation email to reset itself whenever the user navigated to a different tab in the Settings > Job Site page. This has been fixed so that the confirmation email body does not reset when the user navigates to a different tab in the Job Site page.
May 17 Resolved an issue preventing users from bulk anonymizing opportunities. Prior to the fix, users were prevented from selecting all candidates and then anonymizing in order to reduce the number of candidates who were incorrectly anonymized. We have updated the behavior to allow users to select all opportunities and anonymize, however it will only opportunities for which consent/legitimate interest has expired will be anonymized. Opportunities that have not passed expiry will be preserved and will need to be anonymized individually.
May 24 Resolved an issue preventing users from updating dropdown menu options on forms.
June 2 Resolved an issue causing emails sent via 'Send For' permission to intermittently fail with "Requested entity was not found" error.
June 6 Resolved an issue causing users to receive an authentication error after resetting authentication.
June 7 Resolved an issue that mistakenly allowed users to see folders from other Lever customer accounts in the Data Explorer 'Group' folder.
June 9 Resolved an issue preventing users with Sensitive Information Privileges from accessing information that their privileges should have allowed them to access.

Resolved an issue allowing users assigned to the Admin role to view all confidential postings, including those to which they had not been granted access. 
June 16 Resolved an issue preventing some users from approving requisitions even though their assigned role had been provisioned with the appropriate permissions.
June 23 Updated location, department, and team logic on the Requisitions dashboard in Visual Insights to reference posting/requisition location on entry instead of the location table when missing.

Updated logic for date ranges on the Talent Acquisition Benchmarks dashboard in Visual Insights to resolve an issue causing some charts on the dashboard to fail to load results.
June 28 Resolved an issue that temporarily prevented the use of texting features. This outage did not result in the loss or corruption of any texting data, phone numbers, or user settings.
July 7 Resolved an issue in Visual Insights Pipeline Opportunity volume tile in which the metric was being tied to multiple filters that were contradictory, using the last filter referenced and causing incorrect values to be displayed. Removed the unneeded filter.
July 13 Resolved an issue with LinkedIn RSC impacting how candidate profiles in Lever can be connected to candidate profiles in LinkedIn Recruiter. August 4 Resolved an issue with HackerRank Tests in which clicking 'Refresh Tests' in Lever would cause the list of available HackerRank tests to be removed.
August 10 Resolved an issue with Chrome extension not being able to read LinkedIn Recruiter pages due to framework changes on LinkedIn.
August 15 Resolved an issue with Indeed Apply in screener question formatting that prevented Indeed Apply applicants from successfully completing and submitting applications.
August 22 Resolved an issue with Candidate Texting. When clicking the texting popup while viewing a candidate profile that has no associated phone number, the texting popup will open with displaying the most recent texting conversation in use, as it cannot start a conversation with a candidate that has no phone contact.
September 6 Resolved an issue with Lever's API documentation, which listed incorrect parameters for filtering EEO survey responses by date. The corrected parameters are now updated at https://hire.lever.co/developer/documentation#eeo
September 12

Resolved an issue with the DocuSign integration with how to connect a Lever account to a DocuSign sandbox account for testing.

September 15 Resolved an issue in which Interviewer role users were listed as having access to postings when they did not actually have access. Updated so that Interviewer role users no longer appeared as having access.
September 18 Resolved an issue with bulk archive and email causing errors due to a malformed query.
September 21 Resolved an issue in which Sources and Tags were causing fanning. The calculation has been updated to look at distinct opportunities only. 
September 26 Resolved an issue with LinkedIn RSC that was preventing users from being able to unlink a profile connected to LinkedIn Recruiter.
September 28 Resolved an issue in which users were unable to access their referrals tabs due to loss of access to some confidential posts. With the fix their access to the tab is restored regardless of whether they still have access to some of the jobs they referred the candidates to.
September 28 Resolved an issue in which Team Member users with granted access to Sensitive information were unable to see it. These are updated to be visible.
December 4 Resolved an issue with LinkedIn Apply Connect where multiple and duplicate profiles were being created in Lever for some 'Easy Apply' applicants from LinkedIn.
December 8 Resolved an issue with the Zoom integration where links for Zoom meetings used in interviews were incorrectly changing as Lever users were scheduling interviews.
December 14 Fixed an issue where some referral forms could not be submitted even if all required fields were filled out.
December 15 Fixed an issue with Fast Resume Review to not include general and archived candidates.
December 19 Resolved an issue with Visual Insights where requisitions were missing from exports.
December 19  Resolved an issue with the Recruiter Operations dashboard outstanding feedback by interviewer table showing incorrect information for cancelled interview.
December 19 Resolved an issue where Interview and Feedback export from Visual Insights showed incorrect feedback form number. Interview Export logic for the referenced fields was incorrect.
December 19 Resolved an issue with Data Explorer in which opportunities were still being displayed that should be filtered out after changing stage/archiving.
December 20 Fixes existing values on a submitted referral form not displaying when switching to edit the form from the candidate flyover
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