Bug Fixes 2024


This article provides a timeline and descriptions of bug fixes released in 2024. Scroll within the tables to view the full lists of resolved bugs. Use a keyword search (⌘ + F  on a Mac or Ctrl + F on a Windows computer) to locate a specific bug fix in the lists.

General bug fixes

Date Fix Description
Product Area
January 3 Resolved an issue with Candidate Texting which temporarily prevented starting new texting conversations and prevented updating existing candidates' phone numbers.  
January 3 Fixed an issue by removing erroneous link for users who do not have access to create job postings  
January 4 Fixed an issue in which Visual Insights number of interviews per stage on interview stage conversion   
January 4 Fixed an issue in which Visual Insights Interviewing and Screening are swapped on the "Average time to schedule over time" graph. Labels are now updated to reference the correct metrics.  
January 11 Resolved an issue with LinkedIn RSC in which a customer was unable to successfully complete the initial sync with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect. This issue was resolved by re-attempting the initial sync process.   
January 11 Resolved an issue in which some users with the Admin role did not have access to the Feedback dashboard.  
January 11 The Campaign summary tile on the Nurture dashboard had not yet been updated with the latest fixes for global filtering for derived tables. The table has been re-written and deployed.  
January 16 Resolved an issue with the HackerRank Tests integration that prevented HackerRank test results from appearing in Lever for customers hosted in Lever's EU data centre.  
January 19 Resolved an issue with the Zoom integration in which interviews were incorrectly getting a new/modified Zoom link created in some re-scheduling scenarios such as when only a meeting duration changed and no calendar conflict was present.  
January 23 Fixed an issue where sending EEO surveys on behalf of archived opportunities could have unexpected results.  
January 29 Resolved an issue in which some archived opportunities appeared on the Recruiter Operation dashboard. A re-ingestion of the data was completed and the archive dates were updated.  
January 30 Resolved an issue in which Admin users are not able to add users to access specific postings.  
January 30 Fixes issues for candidate profile history sometimes not showing which user performed the action.  
February 1 Fixed an issue in the Feedback dashboard in which cancelled interviews still appeared as incomplete feedback.  
February 2 Resolved an issue in which the "Hiring manager name" field in the "EEO - Non anonymized" Data Explorer data set returned the Hiring manager email address instead of the name.  
February 2 Resolved a connection issue in which some customers were experiencing long load times in DBeaver.  
February 6 Resolved an issue in which users had difficulty accessing LTI.  
February 7 Fixed an issue with linked requisitions not showing on Job postings list.  
February 8 Fixed an issue with the LinkedIn Apply Connect integration, in which the the integration would not appear disabled if a user had initialized but not completed its setup in Lever.  
February 13 Fixed permission check for users that was causing 403 errors.  
February 14 Fixed an issue in which during email creation, individual parts of email were saved to the candidate profile, appearing as though multiple emails were sent out to candidate  
February 15 Resolved an issue in which some candidate profiles profiles were not correctly assigned to job postings.


February 22 Fixed an issue in where requisitions were missing from the Visual Insights requisitions export report.


February 22 HackerRank Tests integration: resolved an issue with downloading HackerRank test results caused these results to not be available on Lever candidate profiles.  
February 23 Fixed an issue with the Interview calibration report showing the username instead of the users' name in the interviews column.  
February 26 Fixed an issue in which Diversity surveys (including those with the location setting "use posting locations") were removed from the application page of multi-location postings.  
February 26 Fixed an issue in which application forms had hidden form elements for Custom Application Questions that were populated by a posting’s unfilteredposting.applicationQuestions property. This property included every CAQ regardless of the distribution type. These hidden fields in the form were sent to the create application process and an error was thrown. The bug fix removes those hidden fields within the application form.  
February 27 Resolved an issue in which if Snowflake has been used once, then not for a long period of time, it's possible for the connection to be stale.   
March 1 Resolved an issue in Visual Insights Hiring Manager dashboard in which the Interviews tile was not displaying scheduled interviews.  
March 6 Resolved an issue where LinkedIn RSC initial setup was failing due to errors with importing historical inMail content. This was found to be due to a defect with LinkedIn's API. LinkedIn's team corrected this issue and afftected customers have now successfully completed their RSC setup in Lever.  
March 6 Resolved an issue where Zoom links were inconsistently updating for all sessions of a panel when rescheduling in Lever.  
March 12 Resolved an issue impacting exported candidates from LinkedIn. This was found to be due to customer-specific configuration changes with LinkedIn Recruiter data and the associated settings data stored in Lever.  
March 12 Investigated an issue where the 'LinkedIn Recommended Matches' tab in Lever was dysfunctional. This was found to be due to the logged-in Lever user not having been mapped to a LinkedIn Recruiter seat/license, which is required in order to use this feature in Lever.  
March 14 Improved the efficiency of our notifications system to remedy the occasional delays experienced in notification delivery during peak traffic.  
March 15 Candidate Texting: resolved an issue where customers recently enabled for Candidate Texting were not able to use texting templates.  
March 19 An error causing malformed data in some cases has been identified and fixed  
March 21 LinkedIn Apply Connect: resolved an issue where multiple schools/universities were incorrectly being added as sources on candidate profiles for 'Easy Apply' / 'LinkedIn Apply' applicants.  
March 21 LinkedIn Apply Connect: resolved an issue where applicants from LinkedIn 'Easy Apply' had not been triggering Automation Workflows in Lever.  
March 21 Resolved an issue in which when sending an email to a candidate after the candidate has responded in the same thread, the email editor will not add the candidate’s email address.   
March 21 Fixed issue with bulk emails and sending to contact linked to their own user.  
March 25 Fixed an issue in which active postings were not updated when using the ‘published’ or ‘unlisted’ filters in the talent leaderboard summary dashboard  
April 1 Fixed issue with viewing and uploading resumes.  
April 4 Resolved issue where hired candidates were showing in the ‘unarchived opportunities against’ tile in certain Visual Insights dashboards.  
April 4 Fixed issue where requisition data was missing from Data Explorer.  
April 4 Resolved issue where the Visual Insights Talent Leader Summary was showing duplicate candidate records for hired candidates.  
April 8 Fixed issue where "reply all" functionality was lost for certain Google Workspace email threads.  
April 11 Updated bulk archive task to keep the profile and application archive reasons in sync.  
April 15 Resolved issue where Microsoft Office all-day meeting types were appearing as busy blocks within the Lever scheduling UI.  
April 23 Resolved issue where referring a candidate to multiple postings at the same time may not trigger referral-based automations for all resulting opportunities.  
April 24 Resolved delay in provisioning new users in EUDC.  
April 26 Fixed issue where signature placeholders were appearing in the incorrect location on a document when sent through automation.  
May 2 Resolved issue where bullet point formatting was disappearing when users drafted emails for candidates. Emails
May 6 Lever accounts experiencing 'Error sending offer packet' message when sending offers via Adobe Sign. Resolved by refreshing Lever's Adobe API key for all environments.  E-Signature Integrations
May 6 Fixed 'email-agent' user syncing issues when transitioning accounts from Google Workspace to Office 365.  User Account Settings
May 6 Feedback form 'Instructions for interviewers' section now displays URLs as a hyperlink that will open in a new tab. Feedback
May 16 Upcoming interviews with dismissed feedback now displayed in the 'Upcoming Interviews' section on both the Home and Interview pages. On the Interviews page, the 'complete feedback' and 'dismiss feedback request' prompts will be hidden once the feedback request is dismissed. Feedback and User Workspace
May 21 Resolved a Visual Insights Reporting discrepancy where offer acceptance percentage was not reflected accurately when compared with the total count on offers accepted. Visual Insights
May 21 Resolved issue where candidates were prevented from being moved into new pipeline stages. Pipeline and Stages
May 31 When copying information from an existing opportunity with a referral form, you can now bring a copy of the referral form to the newly created opportunity if you select 'referral information'.  Referrals
June 4 Resolved a problem with threading emails in Gmail. The fix ensures the correct ID is used so email threads display all messages in the appropriate sequence.  Emails
June 5 Refreshed data and resolved issue where Lever departments and teams were displaying under the incorrect dashboard filters in Visual Insights reporting.  Visual Insights
June 5 Offer fields with false-like values of 'false' or '0' were defaulting to 'null' when parsed for Data API output. This has now been resolved, so only null or undefined values will be displayed as 'null'.  Data API
June 6 Resolved issue with candidate resume imports. The profile name requirement has been removed when the candidate profile 'name' field cannot be parsed from a resume upload. When a name cannot be parsed and is missing from the profile, we will show a flyover saying they need to manually upload the missing information. Resume Imports
June 6 Refreshed data and resolved issue with EEO export data in Visual Insights reports. Exports were not showing up-to-date data.  Visual Insights
June 11 Resolved issue with custom roles and the ability to edit other user's SIP permissions they should not have access to. The appropriate safeguards are now in place to prevent this.  User Account Settings
June 12 Refreshed data and resolved issue with Candidate Experience Survey export data in Visual Insights reports. Exports were not showing up-to-date data.  Visual Insights
June 12 Fixed an issue where the 'send for' user was not listed as the email sender.  Emails
June 12 Fixed issue where users with conditional access to non-confidential postings could see the names of non-confidential postings they had not been granted access to when filtering by 'all jobs' in the candidates pipeline. User Account Settings
June 25 Resolved issue when trying to configure cookies settings and both GDPR and Data Compliance are disabled. Data Privacy & Compliance
June 27 Resolved issue where Automation email template placeholders {{your full name}} and {{your first name}} will now correctly convert into Automation's email placeholders of {{opportunity owner name}} and {{opportunity owner first name}}. Automation
June 28 Fixed issue where users could not search for interviewers by name when adding or managing Easy Book links.  Easy Book
June 28 Fixed issue where posting approval chains were active, but could not be viewed or managed under Settings > Approvals.  Posting Approvals


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