Blocking repeat applications

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This article depicts and describes updates to Lever's Posting configuration tab included the Winter 2024 Product Release, scheduled to rollout progressively in February 2024. For full details, refer to our Winter 2024 Product Release Notes.

Often candidates may apply to the same job multiple times, resulting in lost time for recruiters who must review each application. Lever's 'Block repeat applications' feature allows you to configure the timeframe within which applicants are blocked for submitting a repeat application to the same job.

Enabling the 'Block repeat candidates' setting 

When you enable the 'Block repeat applications' feature, Lever will identify repeat applicants to postings with the same posting ID by their email address address and 'Job site' source tag. If a candidate applies twice for the same job posting within the time frame you set, the system will identify that an opportunity already exists for the applicant and block them from applying again. Candidates that attempt to reapply to the same job will see a message communicating that they have already submitted an application and indicate the timeframe for when they can reapply.


The 'Block repeat applicants' feature applies to all job postings. It cannot be turned on and off for individual postings.
  • Navigate to Settings > Job site > Posting Configuration
  • Toggle on 'Block candidates for re-applying for the same job' (this setting will be disabled by default)

Job site settings with arrow pointing to block candidates toggle 

  • Select a waiting period length from the dropdown list
    • The waiting period is the amount of time that must pass until a candidate can reapply to the same posting. The default selection is 6 months. 

Block repeat applications settings with arrow pointing waiting period options

  • Click View message to view the message that will be presented to candidates who attempt to apply to the same posting within the waiting period.

Blocked candidate preview message

  • Click the Save Changes button

The candidate experience when reapplying

When a candidate reapplies to the same posting within the waiting period, they will be redirected to a landing page showing confirmation that their application was already received and is currently in the system. The details about when the candidate applied last and when they will be able to reapply, if the position is still available, will also be provided.

Blocked candidate application already submitted message

Effects on agencies, internal applicants, and referrals

Agencies will only be blocked from submitting a candidate via their Lever agency portal in the case that the candidate has already applied to and has an active opportunity for that same job posting. Candidates will not be blocked from submitting an application if the same or another agency has submitted the candidate prior.

Internal applicants
Block repeat applicants settings do not apply to internal employees submitting applications via the internal job site. 

Block repeat applicants settings do not apply to referrals submitted using the referral form in Lever. 

Frequently asked questions

Why are there repeat applicants in my pipeline?

If you have enabled the 'Block repeat applications' setting but you are still seeing repeat applicants in your pipeline, it could be due to one of the following causes:

  • The application did not come through a Lever-hosted application form
  • Variations in email addresses between applications
  • The candidates' opportunities have a Referral, Internal, or Agency origin (see above)
Does the 'Block repeat applications' setting only affect candidates with active opportunities? Will candidates be blocked from reapplying within the waiting period if their previous opportunities have been archived?

Candidates are prevented from reapplying to the same posting within the waiting period regardless of the status of existing opportunities within Lever (active or archived).

What if I close a posting and open a new posting with the same title? Will applicants to the old posting be blocked from applying to the new posting?

No. The 'Block repeat applications' feature operates based off of a posting's ID. In this case, the new posting would have a different posting ID (even though the title is the same), and therefore previously blocked applicants would be able to apply to it regardless of when they applied to the old posting.

My organization uses a custom built application form via Lever's API. Will the 'Block repeat applications' feature apply to candidates that apply through this form?

Applications submitted via Lever's API will not be blocked.

Would a candidate be blocked from applying if their profile is anonymized (for GDPR compliance) within the waiting period?

No, the candidate would not be blocked from reapplying within the waiting period since their personally identifiable information would have been erased from the system.

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