Enabling and using the Future Skill integration

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The Lever and Future Skill integration allows you to send Future Skill assessments from within Lever. This article will cover how to enable and use the integration. 


The integration with Future Skill requires a Lever plan that allows for custom API key generation.

Setup the integration:

Create an API key:

1. Navigate to the Lever Integrations & API settings page.

2. Go to the API Credentials tab and under Lever API credentials press “Generate New Key”

3. Give the key a name, for example "Future Skill"

4. Underneath permissions, check the following 'read endpoints': “read opportunity”, “list stages”; and select the following 'write endpoints': “add opportunity tag”, “remove opportunity tag”, “create opportunity note”.

5. Before pressing 'Done', copy the API key.

Configure details in Future Skill:

1. Go to the Future Skill platform and navigate to the settings page.

2. Go to the integrations section and find Lever.

Future Skill platform showing Lever listing and add integration button.

3. Paste your Lever API key and press "Add Integration".

4. Copy the "Webhook URL"

>Future Skill platform showing Lever listing and integration token.

5. In another browser window, navigate to the Lever Integrations & API settings page.

>6. Paste the copied Webhook URL under the "Candidate stage change" section.

Lever settings page showing candidate stage change toggle on green.

7. Copy the signature token.

8. Move back to the Future Skill settings window and paste the signature token.

9. Select the stage that should trigger the Future Skill Integration.

10. Press Save.

How to use the integration:

When the candidate is moved to the trigger stage, selected in the setup above, test(s) are sent automatically based on the tags that are either set in the job posting (will be for all candidates applying to the job) or tag set on individual opportunity (candidate). The test tags are structured as “FS: [test category] - [test name]”, for example be “FS: Multichoice - Java Test”, "FS: Freecode - Pairs" , "FS: General - Numerical Ability". A package with all available test tags is added when using the Future Skill integration. The candidate will receive an email with their personal test link. After completing the test a summary of the result will be posted as a note on the opportunity in Lever.

Lever candidate history showing Future skill test update.

Future Skill will also update the tags on the opportunity to indicate the current state in the test process.

Status tags:

The status tags are used to inform you about the candidates progress. Future Skill will add a status tag for each candidate:

"FS: Invitation Sent" - An invitation from Future Skill has been sent to the candidate.

"FS: Invitation Bounced" - This tag will be used if Future Skill failed to deliver an email to the specified email.

"FS: Invitation Failed" - This tag will be used if Future Skill fails to send the tests to the candidate, for example if the candidate has no email in Lever.

"FS: Completed" - This tag will be used when the candidate successfully has completed one test.

Result tags:

Upon completing a test, Future Skill will add a result tag to the opportunity. The three possible tags can be seen below. On tests in the Freecode category, the score is based on which test cases their code passes. For adaptive multichoice test, the score is based on how well the candidate performed compared to other who have taken the same test. For example, a score of 20 would mean the candidate performed better than 20% of reported results.

"FS: High result - Score above 70"

"FS: Medium result - Score above 40 but below 70"

"FS: Low result - Score below 40"

How to disable the integration:

1. In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the Future Skill app

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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