Enabling and using the DreamTeam integration

Available for User roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be configured by Super Admins
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The DreamTeam integrations allows you to sync your Lever data into DreamTeam for visualization and reporting purposes. Your Lever data will automatically create pre-built dashboards to visualize your recruiting data. 

Setup the integration:

Note: You must be a Lever Super Admin in order to set up the integration.

First, you will need to create a DreamTeam account by contacting DreamTeam at support@dreamteam.app.
Once the account is created, in just few clicks you can enable the integration:
  1. In DreamTeam's platform go to the Settings > Integrations
  2. Choose Lever 
  3. Click Connect, you’ll be redirected to a login widget which will prompt for your Lever login
  4. Click Accept to agree to the listed permissions

How to use the integration:

Shortly after the connection is set up, your Lever data will start flowing into DreamTeam and fill their templated dashboards. 
You can create your own dashboards or use our templates. Everything is live, customized, and easy to use. 

How to disable the integration:

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the DreamTeam app

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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