Enabling and using the Instahyre integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The Instahyre integration allows users to seamlessly export candidate profiles from Instahyre to their Lever account. Instahyre is an advanced hiring platform based on artificial intelligence, enabling recruiters to hire top talent effortlessly.

Setting up the Instahyre integration


You must be a team or organization with admin rights in Instahyre to install this integration.
  • On Instahyre.com, hover over your profile icon and click Integrations

Instahyre platform showing integrations selected from dropdown menu

  • Select Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Click the Integrate now button associated with Lever

Instahyre integration modal with request ats integration button

  • On the next screen, log into Lever
  • You will be redirected to the authorization page; review list of requested permissions
  • Click Accept

authorize app modal with list of permissions and blue accept button

  • After accepting, you will see that the integration is now enabled with Lever

Instahyre platform with lever listed in applicant tracking settings

Using the Instahyre integration:

Once the integration is enabled, you can link any job posted on Lever to any job posted on Instahyre to automatically export the Instahyre candidates to your Lever account. The exported candidates will be associated with the job that you have linked.

Linking a job posted on Instahyre to a job posted on Lever

Once the integration has been enabled, users will see an option to link their Instahyre Jobs to Lever job postings. It is necessary to do this step in order to export the candidates. This option will be available in two places on Instahyre: 

1. The Jobs page

Instahyre jobs page showing job listing

  • Click Link to Lever
  • A modal will open up asking the user which Lever job they want to link it with; all jobs posted on Lever will be listed here 

Instahyre jobs page with link job to lever modal

Instahyre jobs page with link job to lever modal and job listing dropdown

Instahyre jobs page with link job to lever modal showing selected job

  • Click Save to link the job

Instahyre platform

2. Jobs Posting Form

  • On the job form, click the field Select Lever job to link (optional)
  • The drop-down will include a list of Lever job postings
  • Select a job to sync the title and job description from Lever to Instahyre

Instahyre platform showing add a new job form

Instahyre platform showing add a new job form with job description field filled in

Exporting candidates to Lever

After linking the job to your Lever Job, you will see an export option on each candidate's card (cloud icon + Lever). 

Instahyre candidate profile

  • Click Lever to export the candidate to Lever; the candidate's opportunity will appear in the 'New Lead' stage of the pipeline

Lever candidates page in new leads section

How the integration should look like in Lever

  • Exported candidates will appear under the 'Lead' section of the pipeline in Lever 
  • The integration will export details about the candidate's work experience and notice period as a note on the opportunity
  • The current salary of the candidate will be exported to a secret note on the opportunity

Disabling the Instahyre integration

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Authorized Apps
  • Locate the Instahyre app
  • Click Revoke Access
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