Enabling and using the RippleMatch integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The RippleMatch integration allows recruiters to sync matched candidates on RippleMatch to Lever. Included below are instructions on how to configure the integration, as well as the steps necessary to advance candidates to Lever once the integration is active.

Setting up the RippleMatch integration


You must be a team or organization with admin rights in RippleMatch to install this integration.
  • To configure the integration between RippleMatch and Lever, first log into RippleMatch
  • Open the hamburger menu in the upper right hand corner
  • Select Integrations

Integrations option highlighted on hover in hamburger menu

  • Once on the 'Integrations' view, locate the section for Lever, and click Sync Account

Lever listing on RippleMatch integrations page with sync account button shown.

  • You will be directed to first step of the authorization workflow where you will be prompted to grant access to connect RippleMatch and Lever
  • Click Grant access

Grant access button on Lever integration listing

  • Log in to Lever if you are not already logged in
  • Review the list of requested permissions; click Accept

App authorization modal with permission list

Configuring the RippleMatch integration

  • After completing the app authorization, you will be directed to choose a Lever user to which the integration actions will be attributed

User picker under Lever integration listing in RippleMatch

  • You will be prompted to map the roles within RippleMatch to jobs in Lever to ensure that candidates are associated with the correct positions on upload

Role mappings page under Lever integration listing in RippleMatch

Using the RippleMatch integration

Uploading a candidate from RippleMatch to Lever

Once the integration is configured, you can choose any role from which to review candidates

  • When a candidate that appears to be a good fit is discovered, click Advance


  • After clicking the Advance button, select the role for which you wish to advance the candidate
  • Once the role has been chosen, click Advance once more

Roles listed under Lever integration listing in RippleMatch; page header reads Advance to Next Step.

  • This will trigger the integration and the process to create the candidate within Lever
  • To confirm that everything functioned as expected, log in to Lever and confirm that the candidate that was advanced, is available within Lever with all of the correct information (including an application to the mapped role)

Candidate profile in Lever corresponding to mapped role in RippleMatch

Disabling the RippleMatch integration

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations & API
  • Under the 'Authorized Apps' tab, locate the RippleMatch app
  • Click Revoke Access to disable the integration.
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