Enabling and using the Genomawork integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be configured by Super Admins
Permissions • To enable: Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• To enable: Manage pipeline stages
• To use: Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The Genomawork integration helps talent acquisition teams automatically send out assessment invitations from within Lever. Results are updated on the Lever opportunity. Genomawork is an AI driven platform for better hiring. The platform transforms recruitment through gamification and data science improving efficiency and quality of hiring. Using the best tools of neuroscience and behavioral sciences, Genomawork collects data and, through Artificial Intelligence algorithms, carries out predictive analysis of job performance.

Setting up the Genomawork integration


You must be a team or organization with admin rights in Genomawork to install this integration.
  • In Genomawork, navigate to Mis herramientas > Herramientas de gestión > Integraciones > Lever and authorize the integration.

Mis herramientas page in Genomawork

Integraciones page in Genomawork; Lever tile outlined

  • Log in to Lever

Lever login modal

  • Review list of requested permissions; click Accept

Configuring the Genomawork integration

Enabling the webhook

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks
  • Toggle the 'Candidate Stage Change' webhook to the on (blue) position if it is not already enabled

Candidate stage change webhook toggle in Lever

Add a new stage

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Pipelines and archive reasons
  • Click the Customize pipeline stages button
  • Add a new stage called  “genoma-assesments”

Pipeline customization workflow in Lever; Add stage button outlined

Pipeline stage details modal in Lever

For more on this topic, refer to our article on best practices for pipeline customization.

Using the Genomawork integration

Inviting candidates' to start the Genomawork assessment

  • To start evaluating a candidate, add the “genoma-assesments” feedback form to the candidate opportunity in Lever. 

Two frames. Left frame: Menu expanded from ellipses button on candidate profile in Lever. Right frame: Form list in menu

  • Within the feedback form, select a process option for the candidate under 'Procesos Genomawork'
    • Each process will have assigned a battery of assessments for the candidate to complete.

genoma-assessments form in Lever; Procesos Genomawork options outlined

  • Move the candidate to the stage “genoma-assesments”

Genomawork will send an email to the candidate so that they can continue with the evaluation process. When they have finished the necessary evaluations, Lever will receive the information.

  • To view the FIT/Genomawork score in Lever, select the candidate opportunity and check the 'genoma-assessments' feedback form. This form will be updated with the FIT score and a link to the candidate profile in Genomawork.

genoma-assessments entry on candidate story in Lever with score and link to candidate profile in Genomawork

  • Genomawork will also automatically add a 'Genoma completado' tag along with the FIT score tag and the Genomawork profile link in the Lever profile

Genomawork tags and link outlined on candidate profile in Lever


Make sure that the candidate has at least 1 email registered in their Lever candidate profile, otherwise, they will not be able to be invited by Genomawork to complete the evaluations.

Disabling the Genomawork integration

In Genomawork

  1. Navigate to Mis herramientas > Herramientas de gestión > Integraciones > Lever and click the delete button.

In Lever

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  2. Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the Genomawork app
  3. Click Revoke access to disable the integration
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