Enabling and using the Trace integration

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Trace’s integration with Lever allows the transfer of recruiting data between Trace and Lever. This includes retrieving and creating Requisitions, and retrieving Opportunities and Candidate information.

We will cover:

  • Setting up and authorizing the integration between Trace and Lever. 
  • Using the integration once set up.

Setup the integration:

Note: The Lever Access role must be Super Admin in order to set up the integration.

Trace requires the Requisitions API feature, which is available to Lever TRM Enterprise customers or as an add-on with the Advanced HR Package. 

1. In Lever, go to Settings > Requisitions.

2. Check Enable requisitions and Manage requisitions using the Lever API

Lever requisitions showing checkboxes checked for Enable requisitions and Manage requisitions using the Lever API

Authorizing the Integration

1. Trace will provide a URL that will walk you through authorizing the minimum permissions that Trace needs to integrate with Lever.

2. You will need to log in to Lever. You will be asked to authorize these permissions:

  • View all archived reasons
  • View all opportunities
  • View and manage all requisitions Allow offline access

3. Click Accept.

Authorize App modal showing request to authorize permissions

4. Once accepted, you will be redirected to Trace to log in where you can log in using a Gmail or Microsoft email. This step is to capture who set up the integration.

5. Follow the prompts until you see “Success” on your web page.

The integration is now complete. You are ready to start working with Lever through Trace.

How to use the integration:

The integration works by creating Requisitions in Lever, and watching for new hires against those requisitions.

Phase 1: Syncing Open Positions in Trace with Lever

First, you will need an open position in Trace.

Go to Headcount > Positions, and click Add Positions above the table.
In the drawer that opens up, enter details for the new position, and submit.

Trace platform with new positions editor.

You can see the open positions in the ATS Reports page.

Click Reports in the left nav bar, and then ATS. You will see your newly created position. At first, the position will have a Not Started status. This means the position has not been synced with Lever.

Trace platform showing ATS report with job listing.

Select the position and click Sync With ATS. This will queue up the position to be synced, and will change the status to Pending. You will also see a real value for Requisition Code, which will be the Requisition Code used to create the new Requisition in Lever.

Trace platform showing ATS report with job listing.

After a few minutes, refresh the page, and if the sync has been processed, the status will now be Synced. This means a Requisition in Lever has been created for this Position in Trace. Some values on the Requisition will be automatically filled, including an automatically generated Requisition Code in the format of Trace-{number} . In addition to the Requisition Code, other fields copied will be:

  • Employment Job Title → Requisition Name
  • Employment Location Name → Requisition Location
  • Employment Compensation → Requisition Compensation Band (If enabled)
  • Employment Type → Requisition Work Type

Requisition Status will be set to Open, and the Total Headcount will be fixed at 1.

Lever requisition editor.

Phase 2: Lever Hire Process

At this point, you will use Lever like normal. In Lever, you will need to associate the created Requisition to a Job Posting of your choosing. This can be done two ways:

Option 1: Open the Requisition, click + Add posting in the right side column, and select the Job Posting you want to associate with this Requisition.

Option 2: Open a Job Posting, click + Add requisition in the right side column, and select the Requisition you want to associate with this Job Posting.

Phase 3: Matching New Hires to New Employees

For any Requisition that was created by syncing with a Position in Trace: Once a Candidate is hired, Trace will see the hired Opportunity, and store the Candidate’s Name and Email.

Then, when a new Employee is discovered in Trace (e.g. from a separate sync with your HRIS tenant), Trace will attempt to match the name and/or email of the employee with the hired Candidate on the Requisition.

If a match is found, Trace will assign the new employee to the Position that is synced with the matched Requisition, closing the loop.

How to disable the integration:

1. In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API.

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the Trace app.

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration.

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