Enabling and using the Upwage integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The Upwage integration screens applicants for any job instantly and allows screener transcripts to be uploaded immediately to the Lever candidate opportunity. For more information refer to the Upwage website

Setting up the Upwage integration


You must be a team or organization with admin rights in Upwage to install this integration.

The Upwage integration uses Merge.dev to manage the integration with Lever. Merge is a developer tool that allows Upwage to connect your Upwage account to your Lever account through a secure connection.

If you are interested in using Upwage as a tool, please reach out to customersupport@upwage.com. A member of the Upwage Customer Success team will connect with you to onboard you onto the Upwage platform and send you a Magic Link to integrate with Lever. 

Once you are provided with the Magic Link complete the following:

  • Click the Magic Link
  • You will be prompted to choose the integration from the ATS options in Merge.
  • Lever is listed on the first page. Click Lever

  • On the next screen, select 'Use my Lever credentials (recommended)'
  • Click Next

  • Review the list of requested permissions and click Continue

  • Select 'Lever Production Account' and click Submit

  • You will then be directed to open the Lever authentication flow.
  • Click Open window

  • On the next screen, log into Lever using your admin credentials.

  • Review the list of requested permissions and click Accept to authorize the integration. 

The integration is now authorized.

Using the Upwage integration

When working with Upwage to create your AI SuperScreener, you will be requested to provide the Lever Job ID. 

The Lever Job ID can be found at the end of the Lever-hosted job posting URL. Once you provide the Job ID to the Upwage team, they will be able to tie that job posting to each screener that is deployed by Upwage. 

The results from that screener will flow into each Lever candidate opportunity that is connected to that job posting. 

If the screener does not have a candidate already in Lever, the Upwage integration will create a new candidate opportunity and tie that screener to the new candidate created in Lever. 

Review Upwage Screener Results in Lever

Once the the Upwage and Lever accounts are integrated, transcripts of screener conversations (i.e. Super Screener PDF) will be delivered directly into the candidates application. 

In the example below the candidates that are in Lever are now tagged with 'UW Screened: PASSED…'. Tags are customizable for each company. 

The Upwage integration also moves candidates into different opportunities and stages, after they have taken the Upwage screener and the results have been added to Lever. The stage and opportunities that the candidate is moved into are customizable for each customer and job posting. 

In each candidate profile, their Upwage SuperScreener PDF is attached to the candidate profile.

  • Click the File icon to review the uploaded SuperScreener PDF
  • Click the SuperScreener PDF file to preview the file in Lever

You can easily review the Upwage SuperScreener conversation for every candidate.


To learn more about customizing the following processes, please reach out to Upwage.

  • Candidate Stage
  • Candidate Opportunity
  • Candidate Tags

Disabling the Upwage integration

  1. In Lever navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  2. Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the Upwage app
  3. Click Revoke access to disable the integration
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