Enabling and using the PDA integration

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The PDA integration with Lever allows you to send PDA assessments directly from your Lever account to the candidate. Results will get attached directly to the candidate profile. This article will detail how to setup and use the integration. 

Setup the integration:

Note: You must be a Lever Super Admin in order to set up the integration.

Step 1: Reach out to your PDA representative and they will be able to help you through the initiation of the enablement process. They point you in the direction to authorize PDA to have access to the following Lever permissions, select 'Accept' to authorize the integration:

List of permissions with arrow pointing to blue accept button

Step 2: Configure options such as your Trigger Stage, this will be the stage in which the integration gets triggered when candidates are moved into it.  

Step 3: Ensure the the candidate stage change webhook is enabled (https://hire.lever.co/settings/integrations?tab=webhooks)
Lever candidate stage change settings with green toggle on

How to use the integration:

The integration will allow you to send PDA assessments directly from a candidate's Lever profile. 

1. Tag candidates who you'd like to initiate a new assessment on with the following tag: PDA-NewAssessment

Lever PDA-NewAssessment tag.

Alternatively, you can add the tag to the job posting if all candidates associated with that posting will receive a PDA assessment. For context, all opportunities associated with a job that have posting tags will inherit those labels onto their opportunity.

2. Move the opportunity into the corresponding trigger stage -- this will trigger the integration to run immediately by sending the candidate an email notification to complete the PDA assessment. Please ensure the candidate has an email address in Lever, otherwise, the candidate won't receive the invite.

A note will get added to the record with the following message signifying that the integration has started successfully:

"PDA has successfully sent an Email inviting the Candidate to take the Assessment through the following link."

3. The candidate will receive an email notification with instructions to complete the assessment. Upon completion, the Lever record will be updated with a new note and an attached report file.

"PDA assessment has been attached successfully."

Lever platform showing candidate report PDF

The report will include the final assessment results -- all candidate information can be referenced directly within PDA as well.

How to disable the integration:

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the PDA app

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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