Enabling and using the MoBerries integration

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The MoBerries integration allows you to sync in your Lever job postings to decide which jobs get distributed by MoBerries. Any applications to these jobs will automatically flow into your Lever candidate dashboard.

Setup the integration:

Note: You must be a Lever Super Admin in order to set up the integration.

Step 1: Connect MoBerries to Lever

PLEASE NOTE: You should already have an account in Lever and have admin rights.

To connect your MoBerries account to Lever, please follow the steps below:

Go to your MoBerries Account > Click on dropdown More and choose Integrations > select Lever > click on Connect.

Moberries platform showing connection settings page and clicking blue connect button, then authorize app modal

Step 2: Select Job Import and Application Export

1. Job import

As a next step, you should select the integration settings.

Job import editor showing manual import and auto sync settings

For successful integration please make sure that your job postings exist on Lever and are live.

2. Applicant export

Accpted vs all applications settings

The main benefit of having the ATS integration is the automated export of the candidate profiles to your primary recruiting tool. MoBerries will push the application data including candidate’s CVs and additional information into your ATS.

Step 3: The workflow after setting up the integration

What happens to the jobs that I import to Moberries from Lever?

  • After finishing connecting Moberries to your ATS your jobs will be imported in Jobs > Draft View

  • From here you and your team members will have a possibility to review and fill in missing information (Location, Career Level, Skills, Languages) and activate the position at any time. 

  • During the activation process from Jobs > Draft View, you can choose to either activate the job within your Subscription or through our Pay per Hire Model. If you do not use our Subscription model, our Pay per Hire model will be the default option.

How to disable the integration:

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the MoBerries app

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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