Enabling and using the SkillKeepr integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The SkillKeepr integration allows users to sync candidate and job data to Skillkeepr and seamlessly update Lever with candidate interview progress, feedback, results and a link to the interview recording in Skillkeepr. Connect your Lever account to the SkillKeepr AI-driven platform to access an exceptional, fully automated system that handles candidate shortlisting, emailing, interview scheduling, and live video interviewing seamlessly. SkillKeepr’s smart features include real-time coding-skill testing, Recruiter Assist, and rating cards ensuring that the hiring process is fair, DEI-compliant and easy on recruiters with absolutely no tech background! This genius app also allows company departments to collaborate effectively and efficiently during the entire hiring process. For more information refer to the SkillKeepr Inc website.

Setting up the SkillKeepr integration


You must be a team or organization with admin rights in SkillKeepr to install this integration.
  • Log into your SkillKeepr Admin account using the link from the SkillKeepr registration email (check your registered company email).
  • Click on Integrations from the side menu to access the integrations page.

  • On the Skillkeepr Integration page, you will see a list of third-party recruitment apps that can be integrated with your SkillKeepr account.
  • Locate the Lever card and click Connect

  • Click Confirm

  • When you confirm the connection request, you will be redirected to the Lever sign-in page.

  • On the modal, log into Lever using your Lever Admin account. 

  • On the next screen, review the list of requested permissions and click Accept

  • When the connection is successful you will be automatically redirected back to SkillKeepr.
  • The Lever card on the integration page will now show as Connected.

Using the SkillKeepr integration

There are four user levels on SkillKeepr:

  • Admin (Super) has the highest level of permission and access to set up the app profile for your company, assign user permissions and add other Users and Departments to SkillKeepr.
  • The Recruiter Admin is the HR Head or representative who can also add Departments and Users (recruiters and collaborators), and create and assign JDs for processing to Recruiter-level users.
  • Recruiters are HR department employees assigned to process applicants, shortlist candidates, and schedule and conduct interviews.
  • Collaborators are department heads who can create JDs, participate in the hiring process conduct interviews, and rate and recommend candidates for hire.

Access Jobs on SkillKeepr

  • Log into Skillkeepr as a Recruiter Admin.
  • From the Dashboard page, click Jobs from the side panel menu to open the Jobs page.

  • On the SkillKeepr Jobs page, you will see a list of active Jobs (JDs). All Jobs have an ID number. 

How to Import Lever Jobs to SkillKeepr

  • In SkillKeepr, navigate to the Jobs page and click the Lever Jobs button in the top-right corner.

  • Click the Import button next to the Job you want to add to the SkillKeepr Job list.

  • The imported Job form for the open position (e.g. Designer) may have some information auto-populated from Lever.
  • Edit or add any missing information.

  • After editing or adding mandatory information (indicated by the red asterisk) in the Job form (JD), click Import.

How to Assign Jobs to other Users

  • Back on the Jobs page in SkillKeepr, the newly imported Job (JD) will appear at the top of the Jobs list.
  • The Recruiter Admin can now assign the imported Job to a Recruiter to start the Candidate shortlisting process for that JD.
  • Click on the red Assign button to assign a Recruiter to process the JD.

How to Import Candidates from Lever to a Job

  • On the Jobs dashboard in Skillkeepr, double-click on a Job row to open it.
  • To import Lever Candidates from Lever to SkillKeepr, click on the Import Candidates button 

How to Check the Candidate Import Status

  • To check the Candidate Import Status in SkillKeepr, click See More to see detailed status logs.


Sometimes the Candidate Import Status may show as Failed on SkillKeepr. This may happen when there are network issues, duplicated information or when important information such as Candidate Email ID or the Candidate’s Resume is missing.

How to change a Job Stage (Push) on SkillKeepr

When the Online Interview is completed and a candidate has been Rated, Shortlisted and Recommended for Hire on SkillKeepr, complete the following: 

  • On the Interview Shortlist screen, click the Recommend to Hire status button.

  • Click the Push button to progress the candidate to the next stage on Lever.

  • On the Change Job Stage pop-up select the next pipeline stage from the dropdown menu (e.g., On-site Interview).

  • Click Done

Updates to Lever from SkillKeepr

All job stages in SkillKeeper will be updated as a tag on the Lever Opportunity.

Job stages are automatically updated based on the stage mapping chosen on SkillKeepr’s Job import form (See section How to Import Lever Jobs to SkillKeepr on this page).

Every time a Job or candidate stage is updated and "Pushed" on SkillKeepr, one of the following Job stage-change tags will appear as a tag on the Lever opportunity: 

  • skillkeepr: candidate shortlisted
  • skillkeepr: interview scheduled
  • skillkeepr: interview completed
  • skillkeepr: interview noshow
  • skillkeepr: interview canceled
  • skillkeepr: review completed
  • skillkeepr: candidate recommended

After the Online Interview, the following updates are sent to Lever after the candidate has been pushed from SkillKeepr:

  • A note is added to the opportunity with the recommendation comment and link to the recorded SkillKeepr interview. 
  • A Feedback Form is added to the opportunity that includes the candidate rating. 

Disabling the SkillKeepr integration

  1. In Lever navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  2. Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the SkillKeepr app
  3. Click Revoke access to disable the integration
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