Configuring interview feedback visibility

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin
Permissions • Manage company settings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Lever gives you the ability to configure which users can view feedback for a given candidate after it has been submitted by interviewers. Some organizations allow all individuals on an interview panel to be able to see all of the notes and feedback submitted by prior interviewers, while others may choose to hide all interview notes and feedback from members of the interview panel.

To configure who can see interview feedback:

  • Navigate to Settings > Company 
  • Scroll down to the 'Interview feedback visibility' section

Interview feedback list options in settings

Select from the following options for who can see interview feedback submitted by other users:

  • Limited Team Members with access to the candidate, plus Super Admins, Admins, and Team Members
  • Limited Team Members on the interview panel, plus Super Admins, Admins, and Team Members
  • Team Members and Limited Team Members on the interview panel, plus Super Admins and Admins
  • Super Admins, Admins, and Team Members

Limited Team Members on the interview panel also have access to the candidate's profile. For more information on this permission, refer to our help article on granting candidate access for limited Team Members

To prevent users who are scheduled to conduct an interview with candidate from seeing feedback submitted by others about that specific candidate, check the last box: 'Also hide feedback from the interview panel until they’ve submitted feedback.' This will hide other users’ feedback from Team Members and Limited Team Members who are on the interview panel until after they have submitted their own feedback.

For more information on each setting, hover over the information ⓘ icon next to each of the choices for more information.


For users assigned to custom roles provisioned with the 'View other users' interview feedback' permission, their role-based permission will supersede the default interview feedback visibility configured in your Lever instance's Company settings. To learn more about this role-based permission, refer to our role permissions breakdown article.
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