Visual Insights: Landing Page

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • View Visual Insights reports
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The landing page in Visual Insights is designed to help you get oriented to your in-app reporting, by surfacing the most relevant dashboards. To navigate to the landing page, click Visual Insights in the platform header.

Visual Insights selected in Lever platform header

The landing page is divided into the following sections:

Most popular dashboards
Click the tiles to navigate to any of the three most popular dashboards in Visual Insights - the Talent Leader Summary dashboard, the Recruiter Operations dashboard, and the Hiring Manager dashboards.

Most popular dashboard tiles

To read about the metrics on these dashboards, refer to the following help articles:

Note that only dashboards to which the user has access as per their assigned role will appear in this section.

Recently viewed
Review the list of dashboards you have most recently visited (sorted in reverse order with the mostly recently viewed dashboard at the top). In the list, you can also see which which filters were applied to the dashboard as well as the exact date and time at which it was accessed. Clicking a dashboard in the list will load that dashboard (with any filters applied) on the webpage. Click the bookmark icon next to any recently viewed dashboard in the list to apply a bookmark to the dashboard (to learn more, refer to our help article on bookmarking dashboards). Click the Show More button to add the next five recently viewed dashboards to the list.

Recently viewed dashboards list

Along the right side of the landing page you will find a list of your bookmarked dashboards. Note, the list is a nested window, so if you have a large number of bookmarked dashboards you can reveal more dashboards by scrolling.

Bookmarks list


Click the Go to Tutorial button above the bookmarks list to quickly access the Tutorial dashboard. The Tutorial dashboard contains examples of the different types of charts and features you will come across in Visual Insights as well as guidance on how to use them effectively. To learn more, refer to our help article on the Tutorials dashboard.

Help articles
At the bottom of the landing page, you will find links to some of the most-viewed help articles related to Visual Insights.

To navigate elsewhere within Visual Insights from the landing page, click the chevron (>) on the left side of the page to reveal the navigation menu. To return to the landing page from another location in Visual Insights, click Home at the top of the navigation menu.

Visual Insights navigation menu

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