Visual Insights: Sharing dashboards

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • View Visual Insights report schedules
• Change Visual Insights report schedules
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Dashboards in Visual Insights can be shared with other Lever users as point-in-time reports on a one-off or recurring basis. The ability to share dashboards allows you to provide colleagues and stakeholders with a line of sight into your recruitment metrics. As you are reading, refer to our LeverTRM Glossary for definitions of the key terms and concepts used in this article.

Sharing dashboards

To share a dashboard, click the Share Dashboard button above the dashboard title.

Arrow pointing to Share Dashboard button above Pipeline dashboard.

When a dashboard is shared, the recipient receives a point-in-time snapshot of the dashboard (referred to as a "report"), reflective of any filters applied at the time of sharing, as an image file via email. 

Configuring delivery details

Before you can share a dashboard, you must specify the delivery cadence, recipients, and file format of the report.

Delivery cadence

Reports can be sent as a one-time occurrence (delivered instantly) or on a scheduled recurring basis. Recurring deliveries can be sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence. If sharing a dashboard on a recurring basis, you must also select the day(s) and time that the report will be sent. Delivery times are divided into 30 minute increments and refer to the time zone of the sender's computer.  A single user can share a maximum of 10 reports on a recurring schedule.

Delivery editor with delivery cadence fields configured for weekly recurring delivery on Mondays at 9 AM.

Title, recipients, and file format

In the next section of the delivery editor, you must input a title for the report in the Delivery name field. Click + Add recipients to select the users from your LeverTRM environment that you wish to receive the report. Since reports are received via email, any user in your LeverTRM environment can be added as a recipient regardless of their access role. If a user with Super Admin or Admin access is among the recipients, the report will also be listed in their Dashboards shared with me library (see below). You also have the option to include a message that will appear in the email containing the report. Finally, select whether recipients will receive the report as a PDF, PNG, or JPG image file (note: if you are sharing a Look, you will not have the option to select PDF as the file format for the shared report; Looks can only be shared as PNG for JPG files).

Lever Visual Insights sharing modal on Delivery Details tab.


Since shared dashboards are sent as image files, dashboards containing tables only show as many rows as are visible within the frame of the table (i.e. rows that you would need to scroll to reveal on the live dashboard will not appear on the dashboard when it is shared as an image).
  • Click Continue to proceed to the final section of the delivery editor, where you can review delivery details.
  • Click the Send button to initiate the circulation of the report.

Recipients will receive an email with the message and file you configured, as well as a direct link to the dashboard. The linked dashboard includes the filters that were applied at the time of sharing. 

Lever shared dashboard email with link to Visual Inights dashboard.


A user will only be able to access the direct link to view the dashboard in Visual Insights if they have been granted access to that dashboard. If you have questions about who has access to a particular Visual Insights dashboard, then please refer to our role permissions breakdown article.

Shared dashboard libraries

Shared dashboards are listed in the Libraries & Saved Reports section of Visual Insights, accessible via the book icon in the left-side navigation.

All shared dashboards library in Libraries and Saved Reports section with 3 dashboard cards.

Shared dashboards are organized into three libraries - All shared dashboards, My shared dashboards, and Dashboards shared with me.

All shared dashboards Lists all shared dashboards with a recurring delivery schedule in your organization's LeverTRM environment.
My shared dashboards Lists shared dashboards with a recurring delivery schedule that you have shared with other users.
Dashboards shared with me Lists shared dashboards with a recurring delivery schedule  that have been shared with you by another user.

Super Admins and Admins have access to all three libraries. Team Members only have access to the My shared dashboards library. Dashboards shared (either by you or with you) as a one-time delivery do not appear in the library. Each shared dashboard is represented by a card in the library listing the report's title, file format, delivery schedule and recipients.

Updating delivery details for shared dashboards

You can modify the delivery details of a shared dashboard by clicking the corresponding card to reveal the delivery editor. Super Admins and Admins can update delivery details for any shared dashboards in their LeverTRM environment, while Team Members can only view and update delivery details for dashboards that they have shared. Updates made to the delivery details of a shared dashboard must be made at least 15 minutes before its current scheduled delivery time in order to take effect.

Live image of user clicking into a card in the My shared dashboards library and changing the delivery time from 9 AM to 10 AM.

To end the circulation of a dashboard that you are sharing, click the trash can icon to the right of the card. Shared dashboards must be deleted at least 15 minutes before their scheduled delivery time in order to guarantee that they are not sent.

Close-up of two shared dashboard cards. The trash can icon to the right
  of the top card is highlighted on hover.

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