Using Lever Mail in the email sender field

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Using Lever Mail in the email sender fields allows you to correspond with candidates while obscuring your individual work email address. Instead of an email appearing to come from you, it will come from the name of your company. 

Generate an email either from the email composer in the pipeline or by clicking the mail icon in a candidate's profile. 

  • In the email composer, select 'Lever Mail' in the From field 
  • After composing your email, click Send or schedule your email for later

Email composer with arrows pointing to lever mail in the dropdown and send button

When the candidate replies to your email, you will find their responses in your Lever inbox. If you have fully synced your work email account with Lever (either from Google, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange), replies from candidates will appear in that inbox as well. Read our help article comparing email syncing functionalities by provider to learn more.

Lever navigation menu with inbox notification outlined

When you reply to the candidate, either from within Lever or from your work mail inbox directly, Lever Mail will continue to obscure your email address so that your response is sent from Lever Mail. 

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