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The Nurture dashboard provides you with insight into the reach and efficacy of email campaigns that you send to potential candidates using Lever's Nurture functionality. The Nurture dashboard is useful for tracking aggregate engagement with your email waves and the number of candidates they successfully bring into your recruitment pipeline. As you are reading, refer to our LeverTRM Glossary for definitions of the key terms and concepts used in this article.

Accessing the Nurture dashboard

To access the Nurture dashboard:

  • Navigate to Visual Insights via the platform header

Close up of platform header with Visual Insights tab selected.

  • Click the chevron (>) on the left side of the page
  • Click Dashboards and select Nurture from the expanded menu

Metrics on the Nurture dashboard

Metrics on the Nurture dashboard are visualized in different types of charts. Below, you will find a description of each chart and how its metrics are calculated. Note that each metric listed is sensitive to the values in the filters above the dashboard. Also keep in mind that data associated with confidential job postings is excluded from the charts. You can export the data from any chart by hovering over the top-right corner, clicking the ⠇icon, and selecting Download data.

Filters can be be mixed and matched to hone in on specific data sets on any given dashboard. Once you have selected or input values to the filters, you must click the ⟳ button to apply the filters to the data on the dashboard. It may take a few seconds for the dashboard to refresh with your applied filters. For a more detailed description of how filters work in Visual Insights, refer to our help article on dashboard filters.


The Nurture dashboard requires that you have an input in the Nurture events grouped by filter at all times. This filter only affects the Campaign statistics chart on this dashboard.

KPI tiles

These metrics can be found in the tiles arranged at the top of the Nurture dashboard. 

KPI tiles on the Nurture dashboard

Nurture opportunities The count of opportunities associated with candidates that received a Nurture email within the date range, including those that have replied.
Sent emails The count of Nurture emails sent within the date range. 
Reply rate

The percentage of Nurture emails that received a reply, calculated as:

  [Total # of nurture emails that received a reply within the date range]  
  [Total # of nurture emails sent within the date range]  
Moved to interview

The count of opportunities associated with candidates that received a Nurture email and were advanced to an interview stage within the date range.


The count of opportunities associated with candidates that replied to a Nurture email and were later archived as 'Hired' within the date range.


Campaign summary

This chart is allows you to view the levels of engagement and candidate advancement across Nurture campaigns.

Campaign summary table

Chart type Table
Primary data set Opportunities associated with candidates that received a Nurture email within the date range
Grouped by Parameter in Nurture events grouped by filter
Secondary groupings Candidates, sent emails, opened, link clicked, reply rate, interview, offer, hired
Unit of measure Count; reply rate shows as percentage
Revealed on hover N/A


All campaigns

A table containing outreach details for all campaigns active within the date ranges can be found at the bottom of the Nurture dashboard, consisting of:

  • Campaign title
  • Opportunity (i.e. candidate name)
  • Organization(s) the candidate is associated with
  • Related posting
  • Sender email
  • Campaign initiator
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