Visual Insights: Bookmarks

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • View Visual Insights reports
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Bookmarking saves a dashboard with any filters you have applied to it as a unique view so you can refer back to it later. Bookmarks are designed to allow you to easily access filtered dashboards that you check regularly without having to re-apply the filters. Before proceeding, note that bookmarks applied in the Legacy Report interface are not carried over to Visual Insights. For assistance with relocating metrics in Visual Insights, refer to our help article on transitioning to Visual Insights.

Bookmarking dashboards

Before attempting to bookmark a dashboard, make sure that you have properly applied any filters by clicking the reload button (⟳). To bookmark a dashboard, click the Bookmark Dashboard button above the dashboard title. Input a name for the bookmark and click Save.

A bookmark being applied to a dashboard

Once you have saved the bookmark, it will appear as a card in the bookmark bar running along the right side of the dashboard with the title and creation date listed on it. Bookmarks are arranged by the date they were created in descending order.

Bookmarks highlighted on Pipeline dashboard

The bookmarks listed in the bookmarks bar are specific to the dashboard you are viewing. For example, when viewing the Postings dashboard, only bookmarks you have saved for the Postings dashboard will be listed.


Use relative date range filters (instead of absolute dates) when bookmarking to review metrics with a retroactive cadence. For example, saving a bookmark with a date range filter 'is in the last 90 days' will always limit the data set to the 90 days prior to the date the bookmark is viewed.

Managing bookmarks

This section will cover how to view, edit, hide, and share bookmarks.

Viewing bookmarks

Click the View button on any bookmark to apply the saved filters to the dashboard.

Close-up of card in bookmarks bar with arrow pointing to view button.

To exit a bookmarked view of dashboard, change the parameters in the filter(s) and click the reload button (⟳).


Bookmarked dashboards that have a large number of filters applied may fail to load when you attempt to view them, due to exceeding Looker's URL character limit (every applied filter in a bookmarked dashboard extends the URL of the saved bookmark). If your bookmarked dashboard is failing to load, consider adjusting the filters so that fewer filters are utilized (e.g. using the 'contains' operator when filtering by multiple values within the same parameter). To learn more about how filters operate, refer to our help article on Visual Insights dashboard filters.

Editing bookmarks

When viewing a bookmarked dashboard, you can rename or delete it using the buttons that appear above the dashboard title.

Rename bookmark and delete bookmark buttons outlined above a bookmarked dashboard view.

Note that once a bookmark has been saved, the applied filters will be locked in place for that bookmarked view. Applying changes to filter values will cause you to exit the bookmarked view. If you wish to change the applied filters associated with a bookmark, we recommend modifying/adding filters as desired, saving the view as a new bookmark, and then deleting the old bookmark.

Hiding bookmarks

Click Hide Bookmarks to the upper-right collapse the bookmarks bar.

Arrow pointing to hide bookmarks button above bookmarks bar.

Sharing bookmarks

The bookmarks you have created are unique to your Lever account and cannot be shared directly with other users. If you wish to share a filtered view of a dashboard with another user, we recommend sharing the dashboard via the Share Dashboard button.

Arrow pointing to Share Dashboard button above Pipeline dashboard.

Note when a dashboard is shared using this method, the recipient receives a point-in-time image file of the dashboard board via email. To learn more, refer to our help article on sharing Visual Insights dashboards. Alternatively you can share filtered views of dashboards by copying the URL in you browser and sending it to the person you wish to share it with, but note that visibility restrictions based on the user's access role in Lever will still apply.

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