Enabling and using the Xref integration

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Xref's integration with Lever allows you to easily initiate reference checks for candidates that advance in your LeverTRM pipeline. Readers of this article will be able to:

Enabling the Xref integration


The following setup steps can only be completed by a user with Super Admin level access in Lever.

Step 1: Generate an API key in Lever

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the 'Background and reference checks' section, and click the Xref toggle.
  • Click the Generate New Key button on the expanded tile and copy the generated key. Note that this key is unique and will not be retrievable once you navigate away from the page.

Xref tile on integrations and API page wiht arrow pointing to Generate New Key button.

  • Click Done > Got it. The toggle will turn blue to indicate that it has been primed for activation.

Step 2: Generate a webhook signature token in Lever

  • Navigate to the Webhooks tab from the top of the Integrations and API page.
  • Click + Add webhook under the 'Candidate Stage Change' toggle and copy the signature token.

Candidate stage change webhook tile with arrow pointing signature token.

Step 3: Configure the integration in Xref

  • Log in to Xref and navigate to the Integrations page.
  • Click the Request Connection button on the Lever tile. This will notify your Xref Customer Success Manager (CSM) that you wish to enable the integration with Lever.

Lever tile on Xref integrations page with Request Connection button.

  • When your Xref CSM contacts you, inform them of the stage in your LeverTRM pipeline that you want to associate with an Xref reference check trigger.
  • Your Xref CSM will enable the connection. Once they have done so, click the Settings button  that now appears on the Lever tile on your Integrations page in Xref.
  • In the modal that appears, paste the API key and webhook signature token that you copied from Lever into the corresponding fields and click Save.

Lever tile on Xref integrations page updatead with the Settings button.

  • Your Xref CSM will be notified that you have saved the API key and signature token from Lever, and will provide you with an Xref webhook URL.

Step 4: Complete activation of the integration in Lever

  • Navigate back to the Webhooks tab in the Integrations and API section of your Settings in Lever and paste the Xref webhook URL (provided by your Xref CSM in Step 3) into the field beneath the 'Candidate Stage Change' toggle (the same time from which you first copied the Lever signature token).

Candidate Stage Change tile on webhooks tab in Lever with Xref Webhook URL pasted into the URL field.

  • Flip the 'Candidate Stage Change' toggle to the on position. The toggle will turn blue to indicate it has been activated.

Using the Xref integration with Lever

Candidates will be submitted for a reference check automatically when their opportunity is moved to the stage associated with the trigger configured by your Xref CSM during setup.

Candidate profile in Lever with stage menu expanded and Reference Check stage highlighted.

Moving this candidate's opportunity to the 'Reference Check' stage will initiate an Xref reference check.

You can monitor the status of the Xref reference check in the tags that appear on the candidate's profile in Lever.

The same candidate profile in the previous image with an arrow pointing to the tag.

The tag on the candidate profile reads "Xref - Candidate submitted."

To learn more about the Xref integration, refer to Xref's Lever integration page.

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