Automatic stage progression in the Lead section of the pipeline

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Moving outbound candidates from the top to the middle of our talent funnel is made easier by automated stage progression in the Lead section of the pipeline. As you reach out to prospective recruits in the Lead section of the pipeline, their opportunities will automatically advance to the next stage in the pipeline if you send them an email, and again if they respond.

How automatic stage progression works

When you add a sourced candidate to Lever, their opportunity will appear in the 'New lead' stage in the Lead section of the pipeline.

Close up of New lead stage in pipeline

If you were to then email that candidate via Lever, their opportunity would automatically advance to the 'Reached out' stage.

Close up of Reached Out stage in pipeline

If the candidate were to then respond to your email, their opportunity would advance to the 'Responded' stage (provided your emails have been synced to Lever).

Close up of Responded stage in pipeline

The automation of stage progression in this part of the pipeline allows you to prioritize candidate movement through your recruitment funnel, by mechanically segmenting candidates along lines of those you need to reach out to (those in the 'New lead' stage), those you are waiting to hear back from (those in the 'Reached out' stage), and those you can either advance to an interview, archive, or snooze (those in the 'Responded' stage).

Automated stage progression also works with candidates that you have added to Nurture campaigns as part of a mass email outreached. To learn more, refer to our Nurture campaigns help article.

Automated stage progression even works for candidates that you correspond with via InMail, provided you you have enabled the LinkedIn Recruiter integration in your Lever environment. To learn more, refer to the 'Automatic stage progression' section of our help article on discovering and adding candidates via LinkedIn RSC.

Automatic stage progression in customized pipelines

Users with Super Admin level access have the ability to customize the pipeline in their organization's Lever environment by adding, deactivating, renaming, and reordering stages. To maintain automatic stage progression in the Lead section of the pipeline, the following limitations apply to pipeline customizations:

  • The 'New lead, 'Reached out' and 'Responded' stages cannot be deactivated, renamed or moved to a different section of the pipeline.
  • No stage can be made to come before the 'New lead' stage.
  • The 'Reached out' stage must always come before the 'Responded' stage.

If stages are added to Lead section of the pipeline and placed between the 'New lead,' 'Reached out,' and 'Responded' stages, automatic stage progression will continue to function as described above. This may result in opportunities skipping stages that have been added to the Lead section of the pipeline. If you wish to move an opportunity to a stage that has been added to the Lead section as part of a customization (exempting it from automatic stage progression in the process), you will have to do so manually. Consider the example below:

A Recruiter Operations manager adds a 'Sourcer Screen' stage to the Lead section of their pipeline, placing it between the 'New lead' and 'Reached out' stage. This new stage is meant to function as a place where opportunities can be "parked" while a sourcer does more research about a potential candidate before reaching out to them. When a sourcer adds a new candidate to Lever, they move their opportunity to this stage until they are ready to reach out to them. Opportunities in the 'Sourcer Screen' stage will not be subject to automatic stage progression. When the sourcer has completed their research and is ready to reach out to the candidate, they send them an email and manually move their opportunity to the 'Reached Out' stage. In this stage, the opportunity is once again subject to automatic stage progression, meaning if the candidate were to respond to the outreach, their opportunity would automatically move to the 'Responded' stage.

For more details on how pipeline customization can impact objects and functionalities in your Lever environment, refer to our help article on best practices for pipeline customization.

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