What are the differences between default roles in Lever?


Lever users can have 1 of 5 different default roles. With the exception of Super Admins, which have full permissions and access, each role is customizable for levels of administrative, sensitive information, and permission granting privileges.

Role Typical Users Description
Super Admin HR Director, VP of HR/People Can see all candidates and reports, administer all settings and jobs, access to all Sensitive Information
Admin Lead Recruiter, Head of Recruiting, Recruiters Can see all candidates and reports (except offer reports), administer most settings
Team Member Recruiters, Recruiting Coordinators, Schedulers, Sourcers Can see all candidates and job posting reports
Limited Team Member Hiring Managers Can see candidates they have access to and reports for job postings they are the owner/hiring manager for
Interviewer The rest of your organization Can be scheduled for interviews, complete feedback, and refer candidates


To check your own role, hover over your initials or avatar in the top right corner of Lever. Your access role will be listed under your email address.

Close-up of menu extended from avatar with access role circled under user's email address.

Refer to our role permissions breakdown article for a detailed list of capabilities afforded to each default role as well as those that can be assigned to custom roles.

Sensitive Information Privileges (SIP)

Lever's Sensitive Information Privileges (SIP) allows for flexible and granular permission-gating of your most sensitive hiring data. These Privileges can be flexibly scoped on a per-user basis. They allow a user to view specified types of Sensitive Information on candidate profiles that are associated with jobs within specified departments, team, locations or individual job postings.

You can also grant specific users one-off access to certain secret objects during the process of making those objects secret. Admins, Team Members, and Limited Team Members can also see hired candidate profiles if they are the owner or hiring manager of the posting the candidate was hired for.

To learn more, refer to our Sensitive Information Privileges help article.

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