Enabling and using the Enboarder integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Lever's integration with Enboarder allows information for candidates that you hire in LeverTRM to automatically be synced to Enboarder, where you can start setting up their tailored onboarding experience. This integration will launch an Enboarder workflow using information from the candidate profile, requisition, and offer form in Lever when a candidate is marked as 'Hired.' Note: this integration can only be used in cases where offers are being generated in Lever, as signed offers are required to trigger the creation of workflows in Enboarder.

Enabling the Enboarder integration


The following setup steps can only be completed by users with Super Admin access in Lever.

Step 1: Generate an API key in Lever

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the 'HRIS and onboarding' section, and click the Enboarder toggle.
  • Click the Send Request to Enable button. A Lever representative will be notified of your request and will provision an API key on behalf, after which they will send you a secure link to download the key via email.

Enboarder toggle in Lever Settings with arrow pointing to Request to Enable button.

Step 2: Generate a webhook signature token in Lever

  • Navigate to the 'Webhooks' tab from the top of the Integrations and API page.
  • Click + Add webhook under the 'Candidate Hired' toggle and copy the signature token.

Candidate stage change webhook tile with arrow pointing signature token.

Step 3: Configure the integration in Enboarder

  • Log in to Enboarder, navigate to Settings > Integration, and click the 'Lever' tile.

Integrations page in Enboarder with Lever tile circled.

  • Click Add Integration
  • Indicate whether you are attempting to integration either your Lever sandbox environment or your production environment. 
  • Paste the API key and webhook signature into the respective fields and click the Integrate Now button
  • Enboarder will generate a webhook URL; copy this webhook URL and return to Lever

Modal in Enboarder with API key and webhook token input. Webhook URL and integration Now button are circled.

Step 4: Activate the integration in Lever

  • Navigate back to the 'Webhooks' tab in the Integrations and API section of your Settings and paste the Enboarder webhook URL into the field beneath the 'Candidate Hired' toggle (the same tile from which you first copied the Lever signature token).

Candidate hired webhook tile with Enboarder webhook URL added.

  • Flip the 'Candidate Hired' toggle to the on position. The toggle will turn blue to indicate that it has been activated.

Launching workflows in Enboarder

Once the integration is active, a workflow will be launched in Enboarder any time a candidate's opportunity is archived as 'Hired' provided they have also signed the offer sent to them via Lever.

Candidate profile in Lever with archive reason Hired and signed offer.


To prevent an opportunity from initiating a workflow in Enboarder, add the tag 'Do Not Push to Enboarder' to the opportunity profile.

The Enboarder workflow will pull new hire information from the candidate profile, requisition, and offer in Lever. We recommend checking fields on the candidate profile, requisition, and offer before archiving an opportunity as 'Hired' to ensure that all necessary information is pulled over to Enboarder. Note that it may take a few minutes for new hire information to appear in the Enboarder workflow after archiving the opportunity in Lever.

In Enboarder, you can monitor the onboarding progress of the hired candidate in your workflow reports. Clicking into a row for a workflow will reveal the candidate information.

Workflow reports in Enboarder with candidate information for a workflow visible.

To learn more, refer to Enboarder's help article on their Lever integration.

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