Rescheduling interviews

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Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

With the fluctuating and busy schedules of candidates and interviewers, you may often find yourself needing to reschedule interviews and interview panels. Operating the scheduler, including rescheduling interviews, is a key skill that you and your team will need to master as you manage candidates through their recruitment experience. Before learning about rescheduling interviews, get started with the fundamentals in our help article on scheduling interviews.


Calendar events only sync in one-direction, so you must reschedule interviews in Lever. If the time is changed, additional interviewers are added, or the event is deleted on your work calendar, then these changes will not be reflected in Lever.

To reschedule an interview, navigate to the opportunity profile.

  • Click the Reschedule button on the upcoming interview banner

Candidate profile upcoming interview section with arrow pointing to reschedule button.

In the scheduler, you have the ability to manually update the date and interviews for this recruiter screen, including adding interviewers and feedback forms. 

Interview scheduler with arrows pointing to select date field and time selector dropdown.

You can add and delete interviewers, as well as rearrange the interviewers by dragging and dropping interviewers to different interview fields.

Interview scheduler with interviewer being dragged to new time.

On the next screen, the calendar invite will update with the updated interview schedule. You can review and edit the event titles and description as well as configure how often feedback reminders will go out to the interviewers after the interview. You can also choose who you'd like to send updated calendar invites to in the "Send updates to interviewers calendar".


Note that Office 365 interprets a change to an event description as a change for all attendees. If you are using the Office 365 integration, Lever will send any changes to the entire panel regardless of which option you select in this step.

Interview scheduler with arrows pointing to updated interview times and send updates to interviewers dropdown menu.

You also have the option to send an email and a calendar invitation to the candidate to let them know that the interview has been scheduled.

Interview scheduler with arrow pointing to send email and send calendar invite checkboxes.

On the invitation preview, you can add personalized notes to the interviewers that will show up in their calendar event. Click Send all to send out the updates.


The candidate is now scheduled for their new interview times, and the events will appear on the interviewer's synced calendar. You will see the updated interviews listed in the candidate profile. 

Lever candidate profile upcoming interview section with rescheduled interview times.

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