Syncing emails (Office 365)

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

If your organization has integrated its Office 365 suite with Lever, you can sync your Outlook inbox with your Lever account. This will allow you to keep a record of Lever-initiated email conversations with candidates in Outlook so you can work fluidly between the two systems.

Email syncing is only available to teams that are entirely based on Office 365 and are not using any on-premise Exchange servers. If you are not sure about your company’s configuration, refer to Microsoft's help article on determining your version of Office and/or ask a member of your IT team to contact Lever Support. This integration is not compatible with Office 365 GCC High at this time.

Enabling Office 365 sync


Lever only syncs email with your permission, using an OAuth authentication standard so that your Office 365 credentials are neither received nor stored.

To enable Office 365 sync, navigate to Settings > My account, select the 'Email' checkbox under the permissions heading, and click the Save Changes button.

Permissions checkboxes on account settings page with arrow pointing to email permission checkbox.

Syncing emails to Outlook


This section describes how Outlook sync works in Lever instances that have configured the 'Full sync' option via Company settings. If your Lever instance is configured with the 'Limited sync' option, candidate responses to will not be synced back to their profile in Lever. To learn more, refer to our help article on the limited email sync option.

When an email is sent to a candidate from Lever, the email will be send using the email address of the Office 365 account to which you granted permission (note: emails cannot be sent from email aliases). The emails will appear in your 'Sent' folder in Outlook. When the recipient replies to the email, it will move to your Outlook inbox.

All email threads that originate from within Lever will be automatically synced to your Outlook inbox. To sync email conversations with a candidate that occurred outside of Lever, navigate to the candidate’s profile and click on the ellipses button (⋯) next to the candidate’s email address.

Cursor hovering over sync emails button on candidate profile

Alternatively, navigate to the 'Emails' tab on the candidate's profile and click the Import candidate email button.

Emails section of candidate profile; Import candidate email button is visible in center of page

When you initiate the sync, Lever will check our Outlook inbox for any un-synced email threads between you and the candidate and sync those threads to their candidate profile. Anyone with access to the candidate's profile can sync emails for that candidate.

Since Lever sync directly with your Outlook inbox folder, messages routed to different subfolders in Office 365 will not sync. It is best to ensure that a copy of the email is received in your inbox folder if you would like to send a copy of other subfolders as well.

Marking synced emails as secret

As with notes and feedback forms, you can make emails secret. To do so, click the ellipses (⋯) next to the email and select Make Secret from the menu.

Menu extending from ellipses next to email; arrow pointing to make secret option

The secrecy will apply to the entire email thread, making it visible only to the user that marked it as secret, participants in the email, and those with a role provisioned with the 'Edit, delete, and make activity secret on the candidate profile' permission. It is not possible to make individual emails inside of a thread secret.

Deleting synced emails

Lever will never delete any emails from your Office 365 account. To remove a synced email from Lever, click the ellipses (⋯) next to the email and select Remove from Lever from the menu. This will remove the email from the candidate profile but keep the original email intact in your Outlook inbox.

Menu extending from ellipses next to email; arrow pointing to remove from Lever option

Frequently asked questions

Can I sync emails that other members of my team have received?

Lever only syncs with your own Office 365 account. Lever cannot sync with a user's Outlook inbox without their permission. When a team member has granted permission to sync emails, only they can decide if they want to import email conversations that occurred outside of Lever.

I'm having trouble locating emails in my Outlook inbox that I know I've sent to candidates - what should I do?

Make sure that the email address on the candidate’s profile in Lever matches the one in Office 365. Then try following the instructions above for syncing emails to pull the relevant email thread into Lever. Emails sent from Lever that are synced to your Outlook inbox automatically have a 'Lever' category applied, so you can try searching your inbox by category as a means to help locate them.

Outlook inbox filtered for emails with the category of 'Lever'

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