Scheduling and rescheduling interviews (Office 365)

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If your organization has integrated its Office 365 suite with Lever, you can create calendar notifications and schedule interviews in your Office 365 calendar. This article outlines the the nuances to interview scheduling specific to the Office 365 integration. For general instructions on how to schedule and reschedule interviews, refer to the following help articles:

Before proceeding, make sure that you have synced your Office 365 calendar with Lever by navigating to Settings > My account, selecting the 'Calendar' checkbox under the permissions heading, and clicking the Save Changes button.

Permissions checkboxes in personal accoutn setttings; arrow pointing to Calendar checkbox.

When scheduling interviews in Lever, keep in mind the following considerations specific to Office 365 calendar syncing:

Location selection
When scheduling an interview, you will be prompted to select a location for the interview event from a dropdown menu. While the menu will typically list conference rooms, it may also show you users or other team members who do not have Lever accounts. To work around this, we recommend that your Office 365 administrator insert the word "Room" in the name of all conference room resources via their Office 365 settings. This will then allow you to filter the location field in Lever’s scheduler by the word “Room” to filter out any users or team members. Also note that your selection in the location field will appear as an attendee on the calendar event and not as the event location. This is expected behavior and the conference room will still be booked if it is available.

Event attendees list on Outloook calendar; one user one location.

Changes to event descriptions when rescheduling
Office 365 interprets a change to an event description as a change for all event attendees. When an interview is rescheduled (which usually changes the event description), all interviewers will be notified of the changes. As a result, when rescheduling, you will not see any interviewer notification options in the scheduler.

Event details and notifications screen in Lever interview scheduler.

Viewing interviewer availability
When viewing your colleagues’ calendars to see if they are available for interviews as part of the scheduling workflow, events on their calendars will only be listed as 'Busy'. You will not be shown details about events on their calendars, in accord with the expected behavior for an Office 365 calendar. For more on this topic, refer to our help article on viewing interviewer availability.

Managing event reminders
Lever is not enable or control calendar invite reminders for Office 365 calendars. Event reminders can be managed from your Office 365 settings. To learn more, refer to Microsoft's help article on managing calendar settings.

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