Setting up mail flow rules in Gmail for limited sync (Google Admin)

Available for Roles Super Admin (Lever) + Admin (Google Workspace)
Permissions • Manage company email and suite sync settings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Limited sync is a great option for companies with security policies that restrict third-party apps from having read access to email. When you enable limited sync for your Lever environment, users that opt in to email integration will only grant Lever permission to send emails via their Google or Office 365 work account and candidate responses will not sync back to Lever.


Limited Sync for Google Workspace is an add-on that needs to be included in a company’s Lever plan. Before proceeding, please reach out to Lever Support or your Customer Success Manager so we can enable this feature on your behalf.

a Super Admin must enable limited sync in your Lever company settings. For more information, refer to our help article on enabling limited email sync.

As an Admin for your Google Workspace instance, you can configure auto-forwarding inbound rules in the Google Admin console.

  • Navigate to the 'Compliance' section
  • Hover over the 'Content Compliance' section and click the Configure button

Google compliance settings with arrow pointing to configure

  • Add a short description of the Content compliance rule, such as 'Email routing to Lever based on headers that indicate that the thread originated in Lever'

Edit setting with headline content compliance

  • Under 'Email messages to affect' check all 4 of the available options: inbound, outbound, internal-sending, and internal-receiving

Title of email messages to affect with all four options selected


When completing the follow steps, keep in mind that users on accounts that are hosted on Lever's EU data center will set up rules in the Google using (instead of You can determine if your account is hosted on the EU data centre by referring to the URL that you use to log in to Lever (
  • Add expressions that describe the content you want to search for in each message
    • From the dropdown select the option If ANY of the following match the message
  • Add the first of two Expressions:
    • From the dropdown select Advanced content match
    • From the 'Location dropdown' select Full headers
    • From the 'Match type' dropdown select Matches regex
    • Add the 'Regexp' expression: (?im)^references:.*\|example\.com@hire\.lever\.co.*$ (Note the “” will be your domain)
    • Add a 'Regex Description' such as: Match references header for threads initiated in Lever

Add expressions editor with fields filled

  • Add the second of two 'Expressions':
    • Select from the dropdown Advanced content match
    • Select from the 'Location' dropdown Raw message
    • Select from the 'Match type' dropdown Matches regex
    • Add the 'Regexp' expression:
    • Note that this additional fallback rule will only work if your company has enabled the email tracking feature in Lever. For details, refer to our article on tracking email engagement
    • Add a 'Regex Description' such as:
      "Match raw message for as fallback for mail clients stripping references"

Expressions editor with fields filled

  • Click Save. This is what you will see:

Epressions editor with fields filled

If the above expressions match, do the following:

  • From the dropdown menu select Modify message
  • Scroll down and check the following boxes:
    • 'Spam': Bypass spam filter for this message
    • 'Also deliver to': Add more recipients
    • 'Add the recipient address': (“” will be your domain)
    • 'Encryption (onward delivery only)': Require secure transport (TLS)

Modify message editor with boxes checked

  • Click the Add setting button
  • Click the Save button in the banner at the bottom of your screen

Save changes editor

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