Locking down sources and tags

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin
Permissions • Edit locking of sources and tag creation
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Locking down sources and tags for your Lever environment prevents users other than those with the necessary permissions from creating source, postings, and opportunity tags. Regulating the number users creating tags helps to ensure that tags are being used consistently on postings and opportunity profiles, which in turn helps to ensure good data hygiene when it comes to reporting. To learn more about source, opportunity, and posting tags, refer to our help article on tag management.

Enabling lockdown mode for sources and tags

  • Navigate to Settings > Source and tags
  • Select the 'Lock down sources and tags' checkbox

Sources and tag lock down checkbox

What happens when I enable lock down mode?

When sources and tags are locked down...

  • Only users with roles provisioned with the 'Manage sources' permission will be able to create new source tags on an opportunity profile
  • Only users with roles provisioned with the 'Manage tags' permission will be able to create new posting and opportunity tags

Among default roles, only Super Admins and Admins are provisioned with these permissions. When creating a new source, opportunity or posting tag, users will receive a confirmation prompt.

Confirmation prompt on newly created tag

Users with roles that do not have the necessary permissions will only be able to select from existing source, opportunity, and posting tags when adding them to candidate's opportunities or profiles respectively.

Live image of attempt to create a new source by a user whose role does not have the necessary permission.

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