Enabling and using the Certn Integration

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Certn provides instant background checks for employers. This integration sends candidates to Certn and adds tags and pdf reports to Lever. Readers of this article will be able to:

Enabling the Certn integration


The following steps can only be completed by users with Super Admin level access in Lever.

Step 1: Generate an API Key in Lever

  • Navigate to the Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the 'Background and reference checks' section, and click the Certn toggle
  • Click the Generate New Key button on the expanded tile and copy the generated key; note that this key is unique and will not be retrievable once you navigate away from the page

Certn configuration page with arrow pointing to generate new key button

  • Click Done > Got it; the toggle will turn blue to indicate it has been primed for activation

Step 2: Generate a webhook signature token in Lever

  • Navigate to the Webhooks tab from the top of the Integrations and API page.
  • Click + Add webhook under the 'Candidate Stage Change' toggle and copy the signature token.

Certn configuration page with arrow pointing to signature token field

Step 3: Configure the integration in Certn

  • In Certn, navigate to Settings > Team Settings, and select the team for which you want to set the integration
  • Navigate to the Integrationssection and expand the 'Lever Integration' tab
  • In the provided form enter the API Key and webhook signature token that you copied from Lever, and input the name of the pipeline stage (in Lever) that you want to serve as a trigger.

Integration details modal in Certn with fields for API key, webhook signature and trigger stage.

  • Create at least one package to use with your Lever Integration by clicking Create New Package; enter a name and choose at least one service to add to your package

Package editor modal in Certn with fields for Name and option to Select Package Services.

  • Once you have created a package, you must set it as the default by clicking the ellipses in the Action column and selecting the Make Default option

Integration Packages modal in Certn with options to make default expanded on one listed package.

  • Click the Enable Integration button and copy the API webhook URL that is generated

Webhook Address modal in Certn with API Key.

Step 4: Complete the activation of the integration in Lever

  • Navigate back to the Webhooks tab in the Integrations and API section of your Settings in Lever.
  • Paste the Certn Webhook URL (obtained from Certn in Step 3) into the URL field beneath the 'Candidate Stage Change' toggle.

Webhook configuration page with a box highlighting the API Webhook URL field

  • Flip the 'Candidate Stage Change' toggle into the on position. The toggle will turn blue to indicate it has been activated.

Using the Certn integration with Lever

Once the integration with Certn has been set up, advancing a candidate to the specified trigger stage will automatically initiate a background check. When the candidate reaches the trigger stage, Certn will add the tag “CERTN - Pending” to the candidate. As results are returned, a link to a PDF version of the report will be added to the candidate's profile and the tag will be updated to reflect the status of the background check.

Candidate profile with CERTN - Pending tag outlined

Certn Status Lever Tag Description
Pending CERTN - Pending Check has been sent to applicants and is awaiting their response.
Analyzing CERTN - Analyzing Applicant has completed the form and Certn is working on completing the check.
Partial CERTN - Partial Some results are available for viewing and some are still in progress.
Complete CERTN - Complete All checks requested have been returned and results are viewable on report link.
Error CERTN - Error (No Email) There is no email attached to the candidate. Add one and then move them into the trigger stage again.


All candidates will be viewable on Certn. The default package can be updated or changed in Certn via the Lever integration section of a team's settings page.

Overriding the default package

When setting up a default package on Certn, you have the option to create additional packages. You can override the default package used to run a background check by including the name of another package from the Lever integration package list on Certn as a tag on the candidate's profile. Note that the tag must be applied before the candidate's opportunity reaches the trigger stage in order for the default package to be overridden.

Close-up of candidate profile with tag containing alternative package name outlined.


Add posting-specific tags to candidate profiles by adding a tag to the posting. If you add a tag to your posting, all candidates that apply to the posting will receive that tag. To learn more, refer to our help article on creating and using tags.
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